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Another pdf file, from somewhere in the conspiracy swamps:

Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.


Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., has condensed into this Monograph the
substance of addresses he has given to small groups that represent a
cross-section of American citizens concerned with fundamental
monetary and banking reform.
Dr. Vieira's purpose is to present an analysis of the Federal Reserve
System, its fiat paper currency, and "fractional-reserve" banking that
infrequently, if ever, appears in the popular press, in the media, in
the discourse of legislators or political candidates, or (worse yet) in
the nation's schools. This analysis, however, is crucial to popular
understanding of what the Federal Reserve System is, what it does,
and the dangers it poses to America's economy and republican
institutions of government. And such an understanding is crucial to
sweeping legislative or judicial reform of the monetary and banking
systems - hopefully, before the Federal Reserve System causes an
economic and social catastrophe; but, if not, at least after such a
catastrophe makes painfully clear to every thinking man and woman
the urgent necessity of such reform along constitutional lines.
Dr. Vieira's central theme is that today's scheme of Federal-Reserve-
System fiat currency and fractional-reserve banking is plainly
unconstitutional, inherently fraudulent, economically unworkable in
the long run, and subversive of America's political traditions of
individual liberty and private property. This may appear, at first
blush, a harsh indictment of a system in existence since 1913, and
which the vast majority of Americans apparently accepts (albeit on
next to no real knowledge). But, harsh or not, it is an indictment
substantial political-economic theory and historical evidence
Hopefully, Dr. Vieira's message will prove to be a warning that
Richard L. Solyom, Chairman
Sound Dollar CommitteeINTRODUCTION
Although the press, the media, and major political figures never
mention it the major cause of the financial dangers facing America
today is the incestuous relationship between the national
government and the quasi-public, but largely private banking cartel
deceptively called the Federal Reserve System (FRS). Although
historians can state with little difficulty when various stages in the
establishment and evolution of the FRS took place, understanding
what the FRS has done to America's money, and how and why the
FRS has done it, is not quite so easy. Rather, it requires careful
attention to certain critical details of American monetary and
banking theory and history that are usually forgotten in discussions
of the problems the FRS has caused.
Most contemporary debate on the FRS focuses on whether what
people call the "dollar" should, in some way, be "linked to" or "backed
by" gold or another valuable commodity. The fundamental,
unexamined, and utterly fallacious assumption in this debate is that
the paper currency the FRS generates, the Federal Reserve Note
(FRN), is, as a matter of fact and a matter of law, a "dollar" at all. As
American constitutional law and history show, the FRN is not a
"dollar", has never been declared by Congress to be a "dollar'; and
could never be an actual "dollar" notwithstanding all the statutes or
resolutions Congress might enact. Rather, as cited in the
Constitution and as historically defined in the Coinage Act of 1792, a
"dollar" is a specific coin containing 371-1/4 grains of fine silver. Very
simply put, the Constitution fixes the monetary unit of the United
States as this (silver) "dollar", empowers Congress to coin silver and
gold coins the values of which are to be "regulate[d]" in relation to
the "dollar", prohibits any government from issuing what the
Founding Fathers denominated "Bills of Credit" (and what we today
would understand as paper currency redeemable in silver or gold),
and outlaws any form of "legal tender" except silver and gold coins.
Thus, from the constitutional perspective, it is literally senseless to
talk about making the "dollar" redeemable, or adopting a "silver-" or
"gold-backed" "dollar". And that such debate as occurs on the FRS and
the FRN fixes on this senseless point demonstrates how confused the
American people are concerning their own monetary system.
Defining the "dollar" constitutionally, however, is only the first
step in explaining the real problem the FRS poses. Three other
matters require careful consideration:First, the evolution of the FRS exemplifies the typical historical
devolution - or corruption - of monetary systems throughout the
world in the last two centuries from commodity money, to fiduciary
money, to fiat money. Here, accurate definitions of various forms of
money are useful.
A commodity money is a medium of exchange the units of
which are fixed amounts of an actual commodity that has value
other than as money alone. Historically, silver and gold coins
of known, standard weights and designs have emerged as the
preferred commodity monies of the entire civilized world. In
the case of a commodity money, the actual commodity - silver
or gold - is both the medium of exchange and the standard of
value (that is, the unit in which prices are stated in the
marketplace). The supply of commodity money is self-limited
by the costs of mining, refining, and coining silver and gold.
New supplies of commodity money will be coined only to the
extent that coinage is economically profitable in comparison to
alternative investments of the capital needed to mine the
precious metals.
A fiduciary money is a medium of exchange composed of
some intrinsically valueless substance (such as paper) which
the issuer promises to redeem on demand in a commodity
money (such as silver or gold coin) or in a monetary
commodity (such as silver or gold bullion). Historically, private
bank notes and government treasury notes were fiduciary
monies in general circulation prior to the 1930s. In the case of
a fiduciary money, the paper promise to pay is the medium of
day-to-day exchange, but the actual money and the ultimate
standard of value remains the promised medium of payment,
the silver or gold coin with which the note is to be redeemed.
The supply of a fiduciary money is also self limited by the
requirement of redemption. In a free market system, new
supplies of a fiduciary money will be issued only to the extent
the issuer is confident it can satisfy demands for redemption of
its notes in a commodity money. The condition "in a free-
market system" is crucial, because the self-limiting aspect of
fiduciary money historically has failed in an economic regime
in which the government or powerful private interests license
the issuers of fiduciary monies to suspend or repudiate
entirely their promises to redeem those monies on demand in
coin.Finally, a fiat money is a medium of exchange composed of
some intrinsically valueless substance which the issuer does
not promise to redeem in a commodity or a fiduciary money.
Because a fiat money has no direct legal connection to a
commodity money (in terms of redemption) and, therefore, no
real economic cost to its production, the supply of a fiat money
can never be self-limiting; and the value of a fiat money is
always largely a matter of public confidence in the economic or
political stability of the issuer. For these reasons, historically
every major fiat money have self-destructed in what is
popularly called "hyperinflation" (that is, extreme decreases in
purchasing-power) caused by either unlimited increases in the
supply of that fiat money by the issuer or accelerating loss of
public confidence in the continued value of the money or the
economic or political fortunes of its issuer, or both.
Second, the theory and history of fiduciary money (which is also
largely the theory and history of banking) must always focus on the
ever-present problem of redemption. Emphasis on the noun
"problem" is warranted, because a fiduciary money is, by definition, a
promise to pay the real, commodity money of the country. A piece of
commodity money - typically, a silver or gold coin - is itself payment
because it contains a fixed weight of precious metal. But a unit of
fiduciary money - typically, a bank or government-treasury note - is
only a contingent and uncertain payment that depends upon the
ability or the willingness of the issuer to redeem. And there always
exists a temptation for issuers to renege on their promises to
redeem. Thus, fiduciary money always threatens to become
fraudulent money. Not surprisingly, therefore, the history of
fiduciary money has been more or less the history of monetary fraud,
both economic and political.
Third, the danger of fraud in the issuance of fiduciary money
becomes particularly acute in the case of modern "fractional-reserve
banking". Under fractional-reserve banking, the bank always issues
more units of fiduciary money, supposedly "payable on demand",
than it has units of commodity money available for redemption,
counting on the unlikelihood that the majority of its customers will
ever seek redemption at one time. Thus, modern fractional-reserve
banking is inherently fraudulent, because:
For the bank simultaneously to fulfill all its promises to
redeem its outstanding notes "on demand" is impossible.The bank's managers know that complete redemption "on
demand" is impossible, and therefore that the bank's promises
to pay are false. And,
The bank's customers, by and large, are ignorant of how the
fractional-reserve scheme works, and the dangers it poses to
Fully to comprehend the significance of the FRS also requires
recognition that no such thing as "politically neutral" or "politically
independent" money exists. For, ultimately, money is a medium both
for storing wealth and for exchanging wealth. Thus, money is both
itself a form of property and a mechanism for implementing
contracts that transfer other kinds of property from one party to
another. So, even in a free-market economy with a limited
government, money exhibits a necessarily political character,
inasmuch as the degree to which the government protects the
monetary system from private fraud and public looting reflects the
degree to which the government respects and protects private
property and the right of private contract. A free-market economy
will have one kind of money; a "mixed" or "fascist" economy, another
kind of money; a "socialist" economy, yet another kind; and so on -
but in each case, the monetary system will accurately reflect the
values of the political system.
Thus once again, the contemporary debate over whether and to what
degree the FRS should be "politically independent" of Congress and
the United States Treasury is badly misdirected. Originally, the
Constitution made Americans' money independent of electoral
politics, by fixing the monetary unit as the (silver) "dollar", outlawing
"Bills of Credit", and allowing only silver and gold coin to operate as
"legal tender" in the payment of debts. But the Constitution is itself
the basic political charter of the country - so, far from making money
"politically independent" or "politically neutral", the Constitution
actually settled on one, very specific political formula for money:
namely, a commodity money of historically proven intrinsic value, the
supply of which the political authorities could not manipulate at will.
Creation of the FRS in 1913 did not render FRNs "politically
independent" or "politically neutral", but merely changed the
political character of the monetary system by empowering a small,
unelected clique of self-professed "experts" and self-interested
bankers and politicians to control the supply of FRNs, interest rates,
and other monetary and banking phenomena. Thus, as contrastedwith the constitutional system, the FRS actually politicized money,
by enabling politicians, administrators, and a few selected special-
interest groups to exercise the very influence over this country's
monetary and banking systems that the Constitution had originally
Americans tend to accept the description of the FRS as "politically
independent" because, although control of the monetary and banking
systems has serious political significance, the apologists for the FRS
have been successful, over the years, in removing monetary and
banking issues from the agenda of political parties and candidates
and stifling public discussion of those issues. Yet,
It is of vital political importance that no major political
movement now advocates the immediate restoration of
America's original constitutional monetary system of silver
and gold coinage.
It is of vital political importance that no major political
movement demands that all the paper currencies of private
banks be true fiduciary monies - that is, be redeemable in
silver or gold, or some other commodity with intrinsic value.
It is of vital political importance that no major political
movement attacks inherently fraudulent fractional-reserve
It is of vital political importance that no major political
movement denounces the incestuous and corrupt relationship
between the national government and the banking industry
through the FRS, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,
and so on.
It is of vital political importance that no major political
movement challenges the government's use of the monetary
and banking systems to "regulate" the economy and to impose
pervasive police-state surveillance on individuals.
It is of vital political significance that the short-run effects of
the FRS's monetary and banking policies are very unclear to
the average American, and that identifying in the long run who
gains and who loses, what is gained and lost, and why all this
happens is also very difficult for even economists and political
scientists.It is of vital political significance that members of Congress
apparently lack incentives - or actually labor under
disincentives - to investigate, let alone to correct, the
misguided and harmful policies of the FRS. And,
It is of vital political significance that the general public is
simply unable to devise effective strategies for dealing with the
FRS as a supposed "agency of the government".
Obviously, a group that could completely excise these matters from
political discourse in the United States, without complaint by any
significant part of the public, must be powerful indeed. Now, how the
apologists for the FRS have been successful since 1913 in stifling
political debate on money and banking the history books do not
satisfactorily explain. What is clear enough, nonetheless, is that the
FRS was established to remove the Constitution as the arbiter of
national monetary policy on behalf of all Americans, and to
guarantee instead that certain special-interest groups are
disproportionately (indeed, monopolistically) represented in the
determination of that policy, for the peculiar benefit of those groups
and at everyone else's expense. Here, more than one level of analysis
is pertinent.
At the first level, the FRS appears as primarily a mechanism to
"stabilize" the inherently fraudulent fractional-reserve banking
system. From this perspective, the purpose of the FRS is not
necessarily to do what the bankers want, but always to do what they
need. Consider the devolution of the monetary system from a regime
of commodity money to one of fiat money:
Under a regime of commodity money, the bankers employ the
inherently fraudulent fractional-reserve system to expand the
supply of fiduciary money (that is, bank-notes and deposit-currency)
beyond the supply of commodity money (that is, gold and silver coin)
available for redemption. This has two effects.
1. The bankers can loan more "money" than otherwise, thereby
increasing their profits. And
2. The holders of the fiduciary money become unknowing (and
presumably unwilling) "partners" with the bankers in these excessive
loans, thereby spreading the risk of those loans throughout society
and indirectly "insuring" the bankers at the expense of the general
public.Because the expansion of the supply of this inherently fraudulent
fiduciary money is limited by the possibility of widespread demands
for redemption (so-called "bank runs"), followed by bankruptcy of the
issuing banks, the bankers as a class support a series of steps
designed to insulate the fractional-reserve scheme from collapse.
First, they use every available means of propaganda, agitation, and
disinformation to instill unjustified confidence in the holders of
fiduciary money, so as to minimize redemption and thereby facilitate
ever-greater expansion of the supply of that money. Underfunded
"deposit-insurance" schemes (either private or public) typify this
deceptive tactic.
Second, if "bank runs" do occur, the bankers importune the
government to authorize "suspensions of specie payments":
temporary refusals on the part of the issuers of the fiduciary money
to redeem their notes with commodity money. This permits the
bankers to remain in business even though they are bankrupt.
"Suspensions of specie payments" are a key indicator of the
breakdown of the free-market economy, because they are a
governmentally protected repudiation of contracts - in effect,
governmentally licensed theft.
Third, to prevent "bank runs" altogether, the bankers lobby for
governmental permission to repudiate their fiduciary money totally
and permanently - that is, to transform their fiduciary money into
fiat money. This generally requires that the government activate
some mechanism for the "forced circulation" of the fiat money, such
by making that money the unit for payment of taxes and for
public expenditures;
by declaring that money "legal tender" for all debts; or
by outlawing contracts payable in any other form of money,
especially commodity money.
These steps substitute the government - actually, the taxpayers - for
the banks and their shareholders as the ultimate guarantors of the
fiat money, in return for which the banks agree to two requirements:
1. They "monetize" the public debt, in effect enabling the government
to use the fiat-money system as an instrument of taxation. And,2. They cooperate in a cartel or other self-regulatory scheme to
control their expansion of the supply of fiat currency within limits
that maintain public confidence in the banking system and the
In short, the government and the banks agree to divide the amount
that can be looted from the general public by manipulation of the
money supply, and to moderate that looting so that the public never
catches on.
The FRS is simply an elaborate device set up to accomplish these
rather simple ends in a highly convoluted, and thereby deceptive,
way. The FRS was the response of bankers and their political cronies
to decades of failures in the fractional-reserve banking system at the
local and regional levels throughout the United States. The FRS was
an attempt to maintain that system in perpetuity - first, at the
national level with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and then at the
international level with the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944. "Was"
is the appropriate verb, because the Bretton Woods Agreement
collapsed in 1971, with President Nixon's repudiation of redemption
of FRNs in gold internationally; and mounting strains in the system
have been appearing domestically since the 1970s.
The key dates in the devolution of the FRS are as follows:
1913 - Congress creates the FRS; permits the emission of FRNs,
redeemable in "lawful money"; and declares FRNs to be
"obligations of the United States", but not "legal tender". In
practice, the Federal Reserve Banks and the United States
Treasury redeem FRNs for gold coin on demand. FRNs are a
fiduciary currency.
1933 - Congress repudiates redemption of FRNs in gold for
United States citizens, and declares that FRNs shall be "legal
tender". The government continues to redeem FRNs in gold for
foreigners; and United States citizens can redeem FRNs for
"lawful money" (such as United States Treasury Notes and
silver certificates), which is redeemable in silver coins.
Therefore, FRNs remain a fiduciary currency, redeemable
directly in gold internationally and indirectly in silver
1968 - Congress repudiates redemption of all forms of "lawful
money" in silver, thus turning FRNs into a fiat currency
domestically for the first time.1971 - President Nixon repudiates redemption of FRNs in gold,
thus turning FRNs into a fiat currency internationally for the
first time.
So, today, Americans suffer under a regime of fiat money and
unlimited fractional-reserve banking. In this system, the FRS plays a
very simple, but vital role: When public confidence in the monetary
and banking systems weakens, the FRS acts to "restore confidence".
The FRS may use what the public considers "drastic means" in this
alleged "fight", but never means so drastic that they precipitate
genuine economic collapse or seriously endanger the long-term
interests of the banking cartel, its satellite industries, and its
political cronies.
The unavoidable problem, of course, is that any system of fractional-
reserve banking suffers from inherent instability that increases over
time, because at base fractional-reserve banking is a kind of "Ponzi"
or "pyramid" scheme. For that reason, fractional-reserve banking is a
"confidence game" in both senses of that term. The FRS, the banking
cartel, and the politicians of the American one-party system operate
on the theory that "You can fool all of the people some of the time,
and some of the people all of the time - and that's good enough!" But
they forget that, as Lincoln concluded, "You can't fool all of the
people all of the time." Over time, some people - often large numbers
of them - do learn. And people who have learned tend to act on their
knowledge. So the remaining lifetime of the FRS "confidence game"
may, and likely will, be relatively short.
On a higher level of analysis, the FRS is not simply a control-
mechanism for the national banking cartel, but also one of the most
important mechanisms in a pervasive system of fascistic "economic
regulation" that has been set up in this country, slowly but surely,
since the turn of the century. This explains the "political
independence" of the FRS in a way more logical than the idea that
money and banking are no longer politically important, divisive, or
even interesting subjects. If a fascistic state is to "regulate" the
economy with relative autonomy from the electoral public and most
special-interest groups, then its monetary agency must claim
"political independence". (Actually, in a fascistic state, all of the
regulatory agencies must claim "political independence" to some
degree - which claim, not surprisingly, is advanced by essentially
every administrative agency of the national government today. But
the degree of "political independence" will vary with the importance
of the agency to the overall scheme of centralized regulation of
society.) Thus, the "political independence" the FRS claims isprecisely expectable were it part of an anti-democratic mechanism
of economic and political control. And that no constitutional branch
of the national government - not the Congress, not the President, and
not the Judiciary - disputes the FRS's supposed "independence" proves
that those branches, too, have been co-opted as agencies of the
fascistic state.
In sum, contemporary political money and the politicized banking
system that generates it have five major consequences:
First, modern political money is the prime means by which the
government operates a scheme of OPPRESSIVE, HIDDEN
TAXATION through increases in the supply of money that generate
systematic increases in the prices of goods and services (what the
public calls "inflation").
Second, by operating as a system of hidden taxation, modern
political money licenses the dominant financial and political
oligarchy of this country to "REDISTRIBUTE" THE NATION'S
WEALTH from one group to another - more than $6 trillion since
World War II, according to the American Institute for Economic
Third, by functioning as a mechanism for "redistributing" wealth,
modern political money SYSTEMATICALLY CORRUPTS THE
ELECTORAL PROCESS, enabling politicians to buy votes with
promises of new or expanded governmental spending-programs
made possible only by the banking system's ability to "monetize" the
public debt.
Fourth, by linking the banking system to the public debt, modern
political money licenses the banks to LOOT THE PUBLIC
TREASURY, initially by guaranteeing FRNs as "obligations of the
United States" and specially privileging those notes as "legal tender",
and ultimately by providing taxpayer-funded "bail outs" of the
bankers when the scheme of inherently fraudulent fractional-reserve
banking collapses.
Fifth and last, modern political money and political banking
function as key mechanisms in the scheme of FASCISTIC CENTRAL
ECONOMIC PLANNING that misdirects and wastes resources and
thereby lowers the standard of living of the vast mass of Americans
for the benefit of a privileged few.IV.
Although long a powerful - and today still a politically
untouchable - institution, the FRS faces a dismal future. This can be
assessed by considering the contemporary political-economic
conditions that have given rise to the problem of collapsing domestic
The first of these conditions is the essentially fictional and
fraudulent nature of modern paper money and fractional-reserve
The fictional and fraudulent character of contemporary paper
money is a demerit additional to the inescapable economic disparity
between all paper money and real money (that is, silver and gold
coins). Paper money can never be economically equivalent to real
money because:
A transfer of real money between two persons immediately
transfers a real asset: the silver or gold that comprises the
Unlike real money (which is itself the monetary substance),
paper money is merely a promise to pay real money at some
future date, subject to various contingencies, and always
For that reason, a transfer of paper money between two
persons does not and cannot transfer the underlying monetary
asset immediately, only the promise to pay - that is, the
liability of the maker of the promise. And,
In as much as the promise may be more or less secure due to
the credit-worthiness or -unworthiness of its maker, a transfer
of paper money transfers not only a claim to the underlying
real monetary asset but also a risk of loss should the promise of
payment (redemption) not be honored, in whole or in part.
In short, even when paper money is actually a promise to pay - and
potentially fully redeemable in silver or gold - it remains an asset to
its holder only to the extent that the issuer of the promise ultimately
makes good on his liability to redeem, or that other people are
themselves sufficiently confident of the promisor's solvency to
accept the paper money at its face value in exchange for
nonmonetary goods and services. In the final analysis, paper money
is an asset only if it can be cashed or passed without loss inpurchasing power as against real money - which the holder of paper
money can determine only when he actually cashes or passes it.
In the United States, for example, today's fiat paper currency is
neither itself a valuable commodity nor even a credible promise to
pay a valuable commodity in redemption. No holder of FRNs has any
legal right to require that the Federal Reserve Banks or the United
States Treasury redeem them for any amount of any commodity. And
no holder of these notes has any legal right to compel any other
ordinary person to exchange a fixed amount of any good or service
for some known nominal value of this currency proportional to some
weight of silver or gold. Indeed, notwithstanding the statutory
mumbo-jumbo mandating their redemption "in lawful money",
guaranteeing them as "obligations of the United States", and
declaring them "legal tender" for all debts, the most a holder of FRNs
can demand as a matter of law is that the national government
receive them in discharge of tax-liabilities. Thus FRNs are largely
fictional money: for they are, in fact and law, a medium of exchange
certain exchanges of which are absolutely refused by their issuers
and conditionally refused by everyone else in the marketplace, and
which the government accepts only to set off antecedent tax-claims
the size of which it unilaterally determines in the first instance.
FRNs are, really, just tax-anticipation coupons masquerading as
Similarly, contemporary "reserve" banking is, not merely "fractional",
but rather inherently fictional. For no bank in the FRS maintains
any real "reserves" of money, only paper notes or bookkeeping-
entries that the system can "create out of nothing", at any moment
and in any amount - but the purchasing power of which in real
money (silver or gold) or in any valuable commodity the system
cannot guarantee at any time or to any degree.
Moreover, the essentially fictional character of contemporary fiat
paper currency and "reserve" banking is the source of their inherent
fraudulence - because the fiction is unknown to (indeed, carefully
hidden from) the general public. The special privilege of the FRS to
emit unlimited amounts of irredeemable, "legal-tender" paper
currency, and to loan that currency at interest through the system's
commercial member-banks, amounts to a veritable license to steal -
because the general public is unaware of the economic significance
of the currency's irredeemability, and ignorantly assumes that its
designation as "legal tender" compels its use as a medium of
exchange to the exclusion of all other forms of money.The abjectly fictional nature of modern paper currency and
fractional-reserve banking encourages the question: why do fiat
FRNs continue to circulate, and banks without any real monetary
reserves continue to function? Those who accept the theory that
"money" is whatever the government decrees would answer that
FRNs (or bank-deposits denominated in FRNs) have value as media
of exchange in the marketplace because people must acquire them in
order to pay their taxes. The obvious fallacy here, though, is that the
government accepts payment of taxes in FRNs precisely because
those notes have a finite purchasing-power in the market, and
therefore are usable as "money" by the government. It is not the
present and future taxability of the notes that gives them their
market exchange-value, but their residual market exchange-value
that renders them viable as a medium of taxation. One must recall
that FRNs were originally redeemable, directly or indirectly, in gold
coins, silver coins, or both. For that reason, FRNs had a real
exchange-value in the market that reflected their underlying
redemption-values in gold or silver, and depended not at all on their
use as a medium of taxation but indeed made them valuable for that
purpose. When FRNs became wholly irredeemable after 1968/1971,
they lost any fixed or predictable market exchange-value in terms of
real money, and therefore became of increasingly uncertain value as
a medium of taxation, too (at least to the extent they continue to
depreciate in market exchange-value, as they have, steadily, since
A more realistic explanation for the continued circulation of FRNs
(or bank-deposits denominated in FRNs) as "money" is that the
general public is the victim of a confidence-game, in which the
government and the banks have foisted off paper liabilities in the
place of real monetary assets in an inverted pyramid of monetary
fraud. At the tip of this upside-down pyramid are real "dollars": silver
and gold coins that are themselves monetary assets and no one's
liabilities, and circulate among those knowledgeable about the
differences between real money and paper money. Next in amount in
circulation - and at the first level of the institutionalized fraud - are
the base-metallic token (or "clad") coins of cupro-nickel alloy. These
are monetary assets to the extent of their salvageable metallic
content - which is worth about 2% or less of their face values - , but
otherwise are liabilities of the government which at one time were
redeemable in silver, but are today wholly irredeemable. The next
largest fraudulent circulating medium consists of actual FRNs, today
"redeemable" only in "clad" coins. Finally, the greatest portion of the
so-called "money supply" consists of bank demand-deposits, most ofwhich have been loaned at interest to persons other than the
depositors. Revealingly, not only are these purported deposits not
actually on deposit in the banks at all, but also the deposits are not
even formally "redeemable", because the deposits themselves are not
the depositors' "money", but the banks'! The deposits are loans of
money the depositors (many of them unknowingly) have made to the
banks, and which the banks have then further loaned to third
But how many people are aware of this situation? Why do the
government and the banks not educate those who are unaware of
what is really going on - other than because the government and the
banks knowingly profit from public ignorance and therefore
intentionally promote it? And how long can such a swindle continue?
This question highlights the second of the contemporary
political-economic conditions that underlie the problem of collapsing
domestic banks: namely, the inability of the banks to continue
indefinitely to increase the supply of money within the domestic
economy, that is (as the saying goes), to "expand credit" (because the
supply of new money derives from the extension of bank-credit to
borrowers). The answer to the question "How long can this
confidence-game last?" is "Not forever!". If, on the one hand, the banks
overly expand credit, hyperinflation occurs (that is, the purchasing-
power of the monetary unit falls exponentially). If, on the other
hand, the banks overly restrict the expansion of credit in order to
avoid hyperinflation, recession and then depression occurs (that is,
people borrow less, and then existing borrowers in massive numbers
default on loans). The bankers' "trick" (and dilemma) is to continue to
expand credit within an expanding, and therefore essentially
noninflationary, economy. The insoluble problem inherent in credit-
expansion through fractional-reserve banking, however, is that
expansion of a fiat money supply inevitably misdirects and wastes
real economic resources, resulting in an increasingly nonrational
economy - that is an economy that does not expand in real terms. In
short, credit-expansion by fractional-reserve banking in the long run
guarantees economic collapse, with resultant social chaos and
political crisis.
No crystal ball is necessary to predict that a turning-point in the
history of money and banking in the United States is drawing nigh.
The burden of governmental debt - much of it made possible only by
central-bank "monetization" - has approached levels unsustainable inreal terms even with drastically increased confiscation of Americans'
earnings through explicit taxation. But Americans seem reluctant to
accept more taxation to fund the never-ending follies of a spendthrift
welfare state. Thus, repudiation of the debt (in whole or in part)
through extreme depreciation of FRNs and bank-deposits
denominated therein appears likely, if not certain.
For this looming debacle, Americans can thank the FRS, the
"experts" who administered it since 1913, the politicians who wed it
as a "cover" to finance their own careers, the bankers who profited
from their monopoly over the emission of "legal-tender" paper
currency, and the "intellectuals" in academia, the press, and the
media who (quite unlike their counterparts in the last century)
remained strangely silent on the issue of money and banking. That
is, Americans can properly thank these people if Americans become
aware of what the FRS is, what it does, and why it is responsible for
having undermined to the point of collapse the nation's once proudly
prosperous economy and staunchly republican political process.
Hopefully that day of a new national awareness will soon be at hand.
The above monograph is the fourth in a series of nine published by
The National Alliance for Constitutional Money, Inc., 13877 Napa
Drive, Manassas, Virginia 22111. Each of the monographs in this
series discusses a significant aspect of the current monetary system
and no serious student of the money issue should be without these
articles. If you wish to obtain the remaining monographs, contact the
National Alliance and make a generous contribution.
Dr. Vieira is also the author of PIECES OF EIGHT: THE MONETARY
is the most exhaustive and scholarly treatise ever written regarding
the legal history of money in this country. This work is currently
being revised and will be available soon from the National Alliance.

Hopefully, Dr. Vieira will be persuaded to allow selective portions of
the other monographs to be published on this webpage.

 on: October 31, 2020, 07:32:46 AM 
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Sorry. Help needed.

 on: October 31, 2020, 07:31:49 AM 
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"The UNITED STATES Isn't a Country; It's a Corporation!" Does this ring a bell? it should.

On 9th. April 2003 the Net archive harvested this pdf file:'s%20a%20Corporation.pdf

Beloved friends of Spirit and Love,
The following article is one that can change your understanding of the US government
completely. If you are like me, one who loves the truth more than the structures upon
which I have built my belief system, then you are ready to change whatever is necessary in
your understanding of reality in order to be able to stand up for that Truth you love ,
because you know it is the only way to be free...
Please read this carefully to the end. Some people think it's anti American not to support
and defend the current administration and president. I humbly and honestly believe it is
Anti American, not to defend the truth and the constitution that such a wonderful country
was originally founded upon. I love the United States and the principles of honor, truth and
liberty that gave birth to it. And because of this, I share information that, I believe is
necessary to bring forth to the light, (although it may be painful) so that this once great
nation, can be again what it was created to be.... only so , I humbly believe, will it be able
to fulfill it's divine purpose in the history of our world. I know the understanding of truth
and reality is very subjective, and what is the clearest truth to my discernment, may not be
so to someone else. We can agree to disagree, and still understand that we are ONE, and
even in disagreement we can love each other, as we allow each one to awake to the
highest truth they can comprehend at each step of the way...
In such spirit of oneness and diversity....In the sincere intention of awakening I may share
with you my heart!
"US Corporation"
From the yet unpublished book, "Pentimento: Freedom Revisited." by C.E.
(I don't know the name of the author, because it was omitted probably to respect
her/his privacy.
1871, February 21: Congress Passes an Act to Provide a Government for the District of
Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871. With no constitutional authority to do so,
Congress creates a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, a ten mile
square parcel of land (see, Acts of the Forty-first Congress," Section 34, Session III,
chapters 61 and 62).
The act -- passed when the country was weakened and financially depleted
in the aftermath of the Civil War -- was a strategic move by foreign
interests (international bankers) who were intent upon gaining a
stranglehold on the coffers and neck of America. Congress cut a deal with
the international bankers (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a
DEBT to said bankers. Because the bankers were not about to lend money to
a floundering nation without serious stipulations, they devised a way to
get their foot in the door of the United States.
The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED STATES. The
corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original
Constitution into a dustbin. With the Act of 1871, the organic
Constitution was defaced -- in effect vandalized and sabotage -- when the
title was capitalized and the word "for" was changed to "of" in the title.
the incorporated UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It operates in an economiccapacity and has been used to fool the People into thinking it governs the
Republic. It does is not! Capitalization is NOT insignificant when one is
referring to a legal document. This seemingly "minor" alteration has had a
major impact on every subsequent generation of Americans. What Congress
did by passing the Act of 1871 was create an entirely new document, a
constitution for the government of the District of Columbia, an
INCORPORATED government. This newly altered Constitution was not intended
to benefit the Republic. It benefits only the corporation of the UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA and operates entirely outside the original (organic) Constitution.
Instead of having absolute and unalienable rights guaranteed under the
organic Constitution, we the people now have "relative" rights or
privileges. One example is the Sovereign's right to travel, which has now
been transformed (under corporate government policy) into a "privilege"
that requires citizens to be licensed. By passing the Act of 1871,
Congress committed TREASON against the People who were Sovereign under the
grants and decrees of the Declaration of Independence and the organic
Constitution. [Information courtesy of Lisa Guliani,
The Act of 1871 became the FOUNDATION of all the treason since committed by
government officials.]
The following is an expansion and further explanation of the above
which you may want to read for your own edification. This overall
addresses the difference between a democracy and a republic as well as the
fact of a federal government and a shadow government practicing under the guise of
The Corporation.

[b[The UNITED STATES Isn't a Country; It's a Corporation![/b]

In preparation for stealing America, the puppets of Britain's banking
cabal had already created a second government, a Shadow Government
designed to manage what the common herd believed was a democracy, but what
really was an incorporated UNITED STATES. Together this chimera, this
two-headed monster, disallowed the common herd all rights of sui juris.[sovereignty]
Congress, with no authority to do so, created a separate form of
government for the District of Columbia, a ten-mile square parcel of land.
WHY and HOW did they do so? First, Lisa Guliani of Babel Magazine, reminds
us that the Civil War was, in fact, "little more than a calculated front
with fancy footwork by backroom players." Then she adds:
"It was also a strategic maneuver by British and European interests
(international bankers) intent on gaining a stranglehold on the coffers of
America. And, because Congress knew our country was in dire financial
straits, certain members of Congress cut a deal with the international
bankers (in those days, the Rothschilds of London were dipping their
fingers into everyone's pie). . . . . There you have the WHY, why members
of Congress permitted the international bankers to gain further control of America. . . . .
."Then, by passing the Act of 1871, Congress formed a corporation known as
THE UNITED STATES. This corporation, owned by foreign interests, shoved
the organic version of the Constitution aside by changing the word 'for'
to 'of' in the title. Let me explain: the original Constitution drafted by
the Founding Fathers read: 'The Constitution for the united states of
America.' [note that neither the words 'united' nor 'states' began with
a corporate constitution, which is absolutely NOT the same document you
think it is. First of all, it ended all our rights of sovereignty [sui
juris]. So you now have the HOW, how the international bankers got their
To fully understand how our rights of sovereignty were ended, you must
know the full meaning of sovereign: "Chief or highest, supreme power,
superior in position to all others; independent of and unlimited by
others; possessing or entitled to; original and independent authority or jurisdiction."
In short, our government, which was created by and for us as sovereigns --
free citizens deemed to have the highest authority in the land -- was
stolen from us, along with our rights. Keep in mind that, according to the
original Constitution, only We the People are sovereign. Government is not
sovereign. The Declaration of Independence say, ".government is subject to
the consent of the governed." That's us -- the sovereigns. When did you
last feet like a sovereign? As Lisa Guliani explained:
"It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a constitutional historian to
figure out that the U.S. Government has NOT been subject to the consent of
the governed since long before you or I were born. Rather, the governed
are subject to the whim and greed of the corporation, which has stretched
its tentacles beyond the ten-mile-square parcel of land known as the
District of Columbia. In fact, it has invaded every state of the Republic.
Mind you, the corporation has NO jurisdiction beyond the District of
Columbia. You just think it does.
"You see, you are 'presumed' to know the law, which is very weird since We
the People are taught NOTHING about the law in school. We memorize obscure
facts and phrases here and there, like the Preamble, which says, 'We the
People.establish this Constitution for the United States of America.' But
our teachers only gloss over the Bill of Rights. Our schools (controlled
by the corporate government) don't delve into the Constitution at depth.
After all, the corporation was established to indoctrinate and 'dumb-down'
the masses, not to teach anything of value or importance. Certainly, no
one mentioned that America was sold-out to foreign interests, that we were
beneficiaries of the debt incurred by Congress, or that we were in debt to
the international bankers. Yet, for generations, Americans have had the
bulk of their earnings confiscated to pay a massive debt that they did not
incur. There's an endless stream of things the People aren't told. And,
now that you are being told, how do you feel about being made the
recipient of a debt without your knowledge or consent?
"After passage of the Act of 1871 Congress set a series of subtle and
overt deceptions into motion, deceptions in the form of decisions thatwere meant to sell us down the river. Over time, the Republic took it on
the chin until it was knocked down and counted out by a technical KO
[knock out]. With the surrender of the people's gold in 1933, the 'common
herd' was handed over to illegitimate law. (I'll bet you weren't taught THAT in school.)
"Our corporate form of governance is based on Roman Civil Law and
Admiralty, or Maritime, Law, which is also known as the 'Divine Right of
Kings' and the 'Law of the Seas' -- another fact of American history not
taught in our schools. Actually, Roman Civil Law was fully established in
the colonies before our nation began, and then became managed by private
international law. In other words, the government -- the government
created for the District of Columbia via the Act of 1871 -- operates
solely under Private International Law, not Common Law, which was the
foundation of our Constitutional Republic.
"This fact has impacted all Americans in concrete ways. For instance,
although Private International Law is technically only applicable within
the District of Columbia, and NOT in the other states of the Union, the
arms of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES are called 'departments' --
i.e., the Justice Department, the Treasury Department. And those
departments affect everyone, no matter where (in what state) they live.
Guess what? Each department belongs to the corporation -- to the UNITED STATES.
"Refer to any UNITED STATES CODE (USC). Note the capitalization; this is
evidence of a corporation, not a Republic. For example, In Title 28 3002
(15) (A) (B) (C), it is unequivocally stated that the UNITED STATES is a
corporation. Translation: the corporation is NOT a separate and distinct
entity; it is not disconnected from the government; it IS the government
-- your government. This is extremely important! I refer to it as the
'corporate EMPIRE of the UNITED STATES,' which operates under Roman Civil
Law outside the original Constitution. How do you like being ruled by a
corporation? You say you'll ask your Congressperson about this? HA!!
Check the way your own name is spelled.... Is it with all capital letters?
Look on every single bill that you have received.
"Congress is fully aware of this deception. So it's time that you, too,
become aware of the deception. What this great deception means is that the
members of Congress do NOT work for us, for you and me. They work for the
Corporation, for the UNITED STATES. No wonder we can't get them to do
anything on our behalf, or meet or demands, or answer our questions.
"Technically, legally, or any other way you want to look at the matter,
the corporate government of the UNITED STATES has no jurisdiction or
authority in ANY State of the Union (the Republic) beyond the District of
Columbia. Let that tidbit sink in, then ask yourself, could this deception
have occurred without full knowledge and complicity of the Congress? Do
you think it happened by accident? If you do, you're deceiving yourself.
"There are no accidents, no coincidences. Face the facts and confront the
truth. Remember, you are presumed to know the law. THEY know you don't
know the law or, for that matter, your history. Why? Because no concerted
effort was ever made to teach or otherwise inform you. As a Sovereign, youare entitled to full disclosure of all facts. As a slave, you are entitled
to nothing other than what the corporation decides to 'give' you.
"Remember also that 'Ignorance of the law is no excuse.' It's your
responsibility and obligation to learn the law and know how it applies to
you. No wonder the corporation counted on the fact that most people are
too indifferent, unconcerned, distracted, or lazy to learn what they need
to know to survive within the system. We have been conditioned to let the
government do our thinking for us. Now's the time to turn that around if
we intend to help save our Republic and ourselves -- before it's too late.
"As an instrument of the international bankers, the UNITED STATES owns you
from birth to death. It also holds ownership of all your assets, of your
property, even of your children. Think long and hard about all the bills
taxes, fines, and licenses you have paid for or purchased. Yes, they had
you by the pockets. If you don't believe it, read the 14th Amendment. See
how 'free' you really are. Ignorance of the facts led to your silence.
Silence is construed as consent; consent to be beneficiaries of a debt you
did not incur. As a Sovereign People we have been deceived for hundreds of
years; we think we are free, but in truth we are servants of the corporation.
"Congress committed treason against the People in 1871. Honest men could
have corrected the fraud and treason. But apparently there weren't enough
honest men to counteract the lust for money and power. We lost more
freedom than we will ever know, thanks to corporate infiltration of our so-called
"Do you think that any soldier who died in any of our many wars would have
fought if he or she had known the truth? Do you think one person would
have laid down his/her life for a corporation? How long will we remain
silent? How long will we perpetuate the MYTH that we are free? When will
we stand together as One Sovereign People? When will we take back what has been as
stolen from the us?
"If the People of America had known to what extent their trust was
betrayed, how long would it have taken for a real revolution to occur?
What we now need is a Revolution in THOUGHT. We need to change our
thinking, then we can change our world. Our children deserve their
rightful legacy -- the liberty our ancestors fought to preserve, the
legacy of a Sovereign and Fully Free People." [Posted 8/27/02,]
From a speech in Congress in The Bankruptcy of
The United States
United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303
Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:
. "Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property,
free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913)
"Hypothecated" all property within the federal United States to the Boardof Governors of the Federal Reserve, -in which the Trustees (stockholders)
held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as
a "beneficiary" of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the
federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future
properties, assets and labor of their "subjects," the 14th Amendment U.S.
citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.
In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend THE FEDERAL United
States CORPORATION [emphasis added] all the credit "money substitute" it
needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to
assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the
loan. Since the federal United States didn't have any assets, they
assigned the private property of their "economic slaves", the U.S.
citizens as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. They also
pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks forests,
birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the
federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.
Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal
roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no
rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are
the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in
the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the people have exchanged one master for
another. ."

 on: October 31, 2020, 07:25:37 AM 
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In 2005 the information contents gets scarce:

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    Credit Repair (even Bankruptcies and IRS liens)
    Become Lien, Levy, and Judgment Proof
    Discount Health Care (SimpleCare)
    Career Opportunity

What We Can Do For You:

Whether it be just one, a few, or all of the above, GDS is positioned to assist you. If you are like many people today, you may find that taking control of your financial life and future is a perplexing and intimidating challenge. We focus on pointing you in the right direction. We also specialize in helping individuals and businesses identify and prioritize their goals. Most importantly, because you have a lifetime of financial goals and objectives, you can concentrate on building long-term relationships with affiliated professionals.

Planning The Framework For Your Future:

A personalized financial strategy is a central ingredient in having a healthy financial life and a prosperous future. To begin, we work closely with you to identify your needs, define what you want to accomplish and assess your current strategies. Then you will be introduced to the appropriate professional advisors, products and services capable of helping you design and implement a plan of action. A well-structured plan of action can assist you in taking control of your financial future, allowing you to feel more confident about meeting your financial and personal goals. Our Consultants and the professional advisors and Contributors can provide you with products and services to help you meet your retirement, education, asset accumulation, income protection and estate preservation goals. And, since even the best plans cannot anticipate the ever-changing times we live in, you will have access to ongoing education and support.

Personalizing Your Needs:

With so many possibilities, how will you know you're heading in the right direction to meet your personal, family and business goals?

We provide access to education with positive solutions that can help people achieve their life, retirement and estate goals. With GDS you can establish several professional allies who will take time to understand your specific wants and needs. They are competent in providing International resources. Together, you can define strategies and create practical solutions that will help you build and secure your financial and personal future. Welcome To Global Debt Solution.



Although the bankers and politicians don't believe that you can see through the fog, we believe that you will see the truth and the truth will SET YOU FREE! This is only a simplified basic illustration only to show the economic effects of the bookkeeping entries to make it easy for lay people to understand.

Illustration: You want a $9,000 loan. Tim agrees to loan you $9,000. Tim asks you to sign a $9,000 promissory note agreeing you will repay the $9,000 plus interest. You sign it. Tim wants security/collateral to ensure you will repay the loan. You agree to hand Tim your diamonds worth $9,000. You are expecting Tim to give you back the diamonds when you repay the loan.

Without your knowledge, permission, or authorization Tim sells the $9,000 of diamonds (or bank promissory loan agreement) for $9,000 of cash and uses the cash to fund a $9,000 loan check to you. Tim claimed he loaned you $9,000. You repay the loan. Now you ask Tim to return the diamonds and Tim refuses.

We think we all agree it makes no difference if it is $9,000 of diamonds or anything else of value Tim received from you. Diamonds or cash or stocks or a negotiable instruments worth $9,000 is still worth $9,000. We think we all agree Tim should return the $9,000 to you. If Tim does not return the $9,000 to you, you lost $9,000 and Tim never loaned you anything. He merely took $9,000 from you and returned it back to you.

We can hear you say, "I never gave the bank $9,000 for a $9,000 loan." That is the trick. It happened without your knowledge and there is no agreement or contract without mutual understanding and agreement and you cannot agree to something you did not know happened.

New York Federal Reserve Bank publication 5 "I Bet You Thought" page 5 admitted money doesn't have to be, "issued by a government or be any special form." It continues to explain if an asset like a government bond or promissory note can be exchanged or sold for cash and if one accepts it as money, it is money. Page 27 admits the bank created new money when the bank granted the loan and the borrower funded the loan. Federal Reserve bank publication Your Money page 7 and Modern Money Mechanics page 6 admit the bank never loaned you legal tender or other depositors money.

We are not here to condemn bankers or politicians. We are not calling them criminals. We thank the Federal Reserve Bank for giving us the details. As one bank auditor told us, "the written loan agreement never authorized the bank to take $9,000 from the borrower and return it as a loan." He tried to get us to agree to keep this a secret. He said if the American people ever figured this out he would get out of the country.

We are here to congratulate the bankers and politicians and media for their genius and creativity in devising such a plan or keeping it quiet and not exposing it to the world. It took retired CPA's, and expert witnesses several years to research it and be able to explain it to the average American. You must admit they are pretty slick in transferring our wealth, $9,000, to themselves without our knowledge, permission or authorization and then get us to argue the $9,000 was never transferred to them for free.

One of the top bankers in the country privately admitted to us that we were right. He said the American are to stupid to figure it out. Then he admitted because the bankers receive the wealth for free they use it for huge political contributions to control lawmakers, judges and police. He explained how the media needs advertising dollars from lenders and needs lenders money for loans to stay in business so they would remain quiet and not allow the secret to be revealed. Then he made one significant remark. He said, " If the American population ever figure out what we did to them, I am getting out of the country."

We believe there are good lawmakers who want to correct the problem but they know if they speak out against the banks they will not receive favorable media and definitely will not receive the bankers money to get them reelected. It is easy for lawmakers to be silent if they wish to be reelected.We believe they think it is your responsibility to get the word out so the people will support the change and make it safe for politicians to make the change. Face it if you make huge profits from the banking system why vote to change it unless enough people woke up and the change was inevitable. When enough Americans figure it out, then they will vote to make the change. It is your job the download this web page and copy it and get it out to friends. We suggest that you utilize our educational products to gather more details, along our debt and tax elimination solutions, and get your self out of your debt and tax liabilites! We can help you with unsecured and secured debt - time is against you, it's your choice now, we are ready to help you!

All rights reserved - Global Debt Solution


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That is too bad, isn't it?

We can conclude that the site was started in 2002, used from 2003 until February or March 2004, and then deserted, even with deleting the online  web pages.

The 1st. August 2003 is the last day the Net archive got the original contents of that web page.. Look at the names. You will need them.

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Freedom Technologies

Having the money to do what you want, when you want, in the style that becomes you.



While you are reading this - your Financial and Personal Freedom may already begun?

Throughout the Audio Portion of the Q1 course you will be exposed to various topics including the "real history" not taught in the education system today. Some of the topics discussed are the creation of the Federal Reserve System; History of Money; Baking and Debt Systems; Taxation in both Canada and the United States of America; Due Process; Administrative Procedure and Court System; Personal and Financial Privacy, as well as Asset Protection Vehicles. You will learn the importance of educating your children. You will be exposed to Health Education which can save you and your family money as well as intervene with possible future inherited diseases. You will even find this course to be shocking with facts you never knew about government agencies and their role in drugs, and how this works with Wall Street. There are many other topics that also provide you with the knowledge to take the necessary steps to secure your future, and those individuals you choose to share this information with. You will also gain insight into investment terminology, preparing you for the second level of education which is the Q2 International Conference held in various parts of the world two to three times a year. Please have a good look at the tracks provided in the Q1 course, as listed below.

You can not get this information and knowledge anywhere in the public educational system, not at Universities, not in Law school, not as a CPA, MBA, PHD, etc. and why? Well, who ever controls the money and currency, will always control the Government and it's Economy, the Politicians become paid off and get moved around like puppets. Knowledge will give you the most important substance to gain confidence in this out of control world. Most people are living in fear and anxiety caused by the beast's we are talking about here. Fear is the true sense of lack of knowledge! Knowledge will lead you to confidence and Freedom, only then you will understand what it will take to become and maintain truly Free.

"The world does not pay for what a person knows, but it pays for what a person does with what he knows." -Laurence Lee

Track Listing of Q1 Foundational Education on Audio Media


track 1 Who's been running your reality?
track 2 How to Study this Course
track 3 The path begins here

G. Edward Griffin, author

Bill Benson, Researcher and Author

track 1 How I got started
track 2 Collecting the Evidence
track 3 The Reliance Defense
track 4 Attempt to block the book
track 5 The effects of the evidence
track 6 If there were no IRS

Sherry Jackson, former IRS agent

track 1 How my eyes were opened
track 2 IRS Methods
track 3 Turning the agents
track 4 IRS Enforcement
track 5 Passing the word

Robbie Struckman

track 1 Who should pay the tax?
track 2 No direct tax
track 3 The Individual Master File
track 4 Fictitious data
track 5 Finding expert help
track 6 Reclaiming our country

Kenneth Wayne

track 1 Learning the ropes
track 2 Being prepared
track 3 The importance of Administrative Procedure
track 4 Controlling the questions
track 5 The power of the people

Kenneth Wayne

track 1 Basic elements of business structures
track 2 Dividing the King's powers
track 3 Sovereignty and Administrative Procedures
track 4 Republics, Democracies, and personal responsibility
track 5 The chess game of Law

Wally Dove, CGA, former CCRA

track 1 CCRA vs. The People
track 2 How things got this way
track 3 The hidden agenda
track 4 Conflict of interest in the courts

Tim Madden, Economist

track 1 How they lend you your own money
track 2 Their crime and your involvement
track 3 What happens if this stops?
track 4 The situation with mortgages
track 5 The money supply and taxation
track 6 The hyperinflation environment

#10 MONEY IN CANADA, cont.
Tim Madden

track 1 The banking shell game
track 2 Standing up to the courts
track 3 Fraud hidden in plain sight
track 4 Bankers and judges in collusion
track 5 Printing the solution
track 6 Organizing the remedy
track 7 The opportunity is here

#11 MONEY IN CANADA, cont.
Tim Madden /

track 1 Economists, bankers and lawyers in fear

Ben Graydon, Consultant

track 2 The primacy of education
track 3 History of American education
track 4 Education for government's purposes
track 5 The teaching of values
track 6 The battle for our children
track 7 Steps towards a change

Dr. Vern Cherewatenko, CEO, HealthMax, Inc.

track 1 Learning more after medical school
track 2 Insurance is killing us
track 3 A new plan
track 4 Functional Medicine
track 5 Solutions for stress
track 6 Genomics

Bernard von Nothaus, Chief Economist, NORFED

track 1 Where did money come from?
track 2 The decline of the dollar
track 3 Freeing up the gold
track 4 Making a personal plan
track 5 Alternative systems of currency
track 6 Visions for the future

Joe Lavin, President, GCTG

track 1 The threats to your assets
track 2 Starting to protect your wealth
track 3 Different structures to choose from
track 4 Some offshore advantages
track 5 Prudent investing

Richard Cawte, Publisher, The Q Newsletter

track 1 Taking control of the observers

track 2 THE MAP TO 9/11
Michael Ruppert, Publisher

track 3 The real reasons
track 4 The drug factor in the economy
track 5 Corporate concessions

#16 THE MAP TO 9/11, Michael Ruppert, cont.

track 1 Where is the money going?
track 2 Ignoring the signals
track 3 Stock market maneuvers
track 4 Where was the Air Force?
track 5 Assuming responsibility

All rights reserved - Global Debt Solution


 on: October 31, 2020, 07:06:50 AM 
Started by kele10 - Last post by kele10
Seo or Digital Marketing expert
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 on: October 31, 2020, 07:04:55 AM 
Started by LookUnder - Last post by LookUnder
One way to make money: hold seminars!

    The GDS organization uses its background, research and knowledge along with the trusted relationships of other networks of Researchers, Authors, Speakers, Teachers, Coaches, Mentors and Professionals throughout North-America and the world. The organization’s primary objective is to transform a lack of understanding and fear into self confidence through the sharing of new knowledge and offering practical applications and solutions.

    GDS has been aggressive and pro-active in the development of strategic relationships both across the United States and Internationally, offering a direct extension to a trusted network of professionals.

        To actively contribute new life-changing knowledge.
        To develop and maintain long-term professional and personal relationships.
        To continue to concentrate on specialized opportunities that demand creativity, determination, challenge and intense focus.

    Private Educational Products and Services

    There is an urgent need across the nation for our innovative “GDS Live-Seminar™.” The current Educational Industry is focusing on ensuring that we all remain miss-informed and conditioned, while the media proceeds with keeping the public “in the box”. GDS offers an alternative and a fix. Although GDS has an international appeal, the U.S. market alone is by far large enough to justify its viability. Our background, knowledgebase, and relationships combined with a clear understanding of the controlled media and educational system represents a perfect match for the market we are targeting.

    GDS represents a unique combination of new and foundational education with on or off-line content. The comprehensive GDS Live-Seminar™ will efficiently bring many of its educational resources into the community creating unexpected growth and awareness.

    GDS offers an alternative education that is not widely available in the market place today. We believe that by providing this much needed product in connection with proven top notch solutions allow us to share empowering education towards personal and financial privacy.

GDS Live Seminar

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The history of the domain goes on for a long time, but after the first years the contents vanished. Domain grabbers snatched the domain.

So let us look at the first years. The general idea: tax evasion, called "eleminate tax". Quite fitting. But aside of tax evasion, there is much more. See these headlines:

    Global Debt Solution Is Providing
    The Ultimate Debt Relief Programs in America




Here you have the full text of the web page:

Events & Seminars
Freedom Technologies
Mortgage Elimination
Debt Elimination
Credit Restoration
Asset Structuring
Deciphering of Taxes
FOIA Generator
Shopping Mall
Discount Health Care
Off Shore Investments
Resources and Links
Career Opportunities
Pass It Forward
Contact Us


    Global Debt Solution is an organization dedicated to increasing the freedom and prosperity of individuals and families across the world. We truly believe that any hard working, respectable, dedicated individual can become wealthy and free if exposed to the right education. Having an open mind, being teachable and humble are key ingredients to your success. Even though most of this knowledge has existed throughout the years, sometimes centuries, it has not been applied in most of our lives due to the lack of this subject matter being presented in the public school system, and being suppressed by the controlled media. We are hoping person by person, family by family, to educate the world with the freedom technologies and ongoing education through our product and service offerings. Each person can make a difference and help by continuing to share this life-enhancing education worldwide.

    Global Debt Solution Is Providing
    The Ultimate Debt Relief Programs in America


    Call now!
    1- 800-294-8654 ext. 9599
    ( 3 minute overview)

    Learn about what the IRS, the Bankers, your CPA, Tax Attorney or Politicians do not want you to know…

    Global Debt Solution is providing America's most advanced end-to end Mortgage/Loan and Credit Card Debt Elimination along the many other Personal Finance and Privacy Solutions...

    Did you know that your Mortgage debt, Credit Card debt and/or Auto loan may not be valid? Did you know that when you signed the Promissory note or cardholder’s agreement that the bank was not actually lending you any money, but that you were in fact funding your own loan? Want to know more…?


    Global Debt Solution's LEP (Loan Elimination Process) provided by America's Advantage, is the most powerful debt elimination strategy that exist today...
    We are Eliminating Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, Land & Property Loans, Commercial Loans and Vehicle Loans...
    No Consolidation, No Bankruptcy, No Negative Credit Report
    Just Eliminating the Mortgage or Loan while utilizing a proven Administrative Process by America's Advantage...
    Find out why and how it is possible for us to eliminate your loan or your mortgage, and back it up with the research below as a starter!

(click on links inside the table)
Mortgage/Loan Elimination

    The Background
    The Facts
    The Situation
    The Experts
    The Affidavit


PDF Format Downloads: (Adobe Reader)



By Dan Meador



The US Government is Dying



Draw YOUR Own Conclusion


Mortage & Loan Elimination Process: Call 1-800-295-8654 ext. 9599 (short overview!)

LEP (Loan Elimination Process) Flyer Act Now & Get YOUR Equity Back!


GDS is proud to announce its new Freedom of Information Act Request Generator

Online FOIA Generator


The United States isn't a Country; It's a Corporation

This article can change your your understanding of the US government completely!


Description of the "Care Act of 2003"

Joint Committee on Taxation


The Federal Reserve System:



Secret IRS deals ruled fraudulent!

Settlement in cases of 1,300 pilots could cost tens of millions


The Great IRS HOAX!

Written by: Department of the Treasury - Tax Research Devision


USA Patriot Act as passed by Congress!

You got to read it, so you can believe it! With this you can get prepared for The US Tyranny #1!


The Salt Lake City Seminar sold out with over 200 people in the room!



Hear about the Banking Fraud we are taking action upon!

. .........(download RealPlayer)

"Banking Institutions Are More Dangerous To Our Liberties Than Standing Armies"
All rights reserved - Global Debt Solution


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No more nagging captcha. What a relief!

 on: October 31, 2020, 06:45:16 AM 
Started by LookUnder - Last post by LookUnder
The first entry brings us to

> Home
> Introduction
> Education
> Freedom Technologies
> Debt Elimination
> Credit Repair
> Asset Structuring
> Deciphering of Taxes
> Discount Health Care
> Off Shore Investments
> Resources and Links
> Career Opportunities
> Contact Us
Welcome to Global Debt Solution

Global Debt Solution is a company dedicated to increasing the freedom and prosperity of individuals and families across the world. We truly believe that any hard working, respectable, dedicated individual can become wealthy and free if exposed to the right education. Having an open mind, being teachable and humble are key ingredients to your success. Even though most of this knowledge has existed throughout the years, sometimes centuries, it has not been applied in most of our lives due to the lack of this subject matter being presented in the public school system, and being suppressed by the controlled media. We are hoping person by person, family by family, to educate the world with the freedom technologies and ongoing education through our product and service offerings. Each person can make a difference and help by continuing to share this life-enhancing education worldwide.


Immediate NEWS Release!

We can now support Mortgage, Land and Home Equity Loan " Secured Debt Elimination" please contact us to find out the details!

"Let us assist you in turning your Debt into Assets"


Our Educational Foundation is a comprehensive home audio and internet interactive educational program that has been designed to provide you with an in depth awareness of how money, wealth and economics really work. Participants will gain an understanding of the true nature of money, the origin and purpose of government, principles of common law, individual sovereignty, and highly valuable concepts of personal and financial privacy. Our Educational Foundation explains how people around the world have unknowingly allowed themselves to give away their individual rights, privacy and almost any possibility of financial independence. You will come to understand exactly how to regain your privacy and reclaim your freedoms.

You will also be surprised to learn how the Federal Reserve banking system, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and Taxing Authorities worldwide, have been designed to prevent you from achieving true financial independence. With this information you will learn how to counteract these facts, and also how to conduct a personal financial audit, and create a realistic plan, tailored to your own lifestyle and earnings, that will allow you to achieve a fulfilling retirement within 10 years.

Contact us to register for our Seminar in Las Vegas TODAY!

The rest of our life starts now. It doesn't matter how young or old you are. It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are. Your current income makes no difference. It is never too late to start working on a sound financial future. The facts are, you will either continue in your current financial situation or you will choose to become financially independent. Become free from the burden of debt, free from the uncertainty of retirement, and free to do as you please. You can take the first step by investing in yourself and your financial future through obtaining our Q1 Foundational Audio Seminar. Knowledge, that is applied, can start shaping the future of financial and personal freedom and privacy you and your loved ones deserve.

All rights reserved - Global Debt Solution

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