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Warnung: Die Uni Bochum könnte die Zahnfee kicken!

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Der Staat als Werkzeug und Waffe von Kriminellen
Abschriften der TTIP-Geheimverträge, deutsche Regierung muß abgesetzt werden!

Die Abschriften der TTIP-Geheimverträge:

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 on: April 21, 2016, 03:26:25 AM 
Started by JaRo - Last post by JaRo
Denglish bis zum Abwinken, kein Schwein weiß, was gemeint ist, aber Alle sind mega gut drauf. Decken die ihren Stoffbedarf im Bundestag?





Hochkarätige Events mit führenden CEOs, den talentiertesten Young Leaders und prominenten Vordenkern über die drängendsten Fragen unserer Zeit. Diskussionen und Vorträge abseits von Quartalszahlen, die neue Perspektiven und Werte vermitteln und Impulse setzen für eine Leadership-Kultur, zur Teambildung und zur Vernetzung von jungen Führungskräften über Unternehmensgrenzen hinweg.

Pathfinder 2016

Unter dem Motto “Pathfinder - Leading the Future“ richtet das Handelsblatt gemeinsam mit großen Konzernen zum vierten Mal den Tag des Nachdenkens im Tempodrom Berlin aus. Erleben Sie gemeinsam mit uns die visionärsten Vordenker unserer Zeit und vernetzen Sie sich mit den begabtesten Talenten aus Wirtschaft und Forschung.
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 on: April 18, 2016, 09:30:41 PM 
Started by worelia - Last post by worelia

Why our site is trustworthy AND worthy of your business and support!

Our owner is Dana Ullman, MPH, who TIME magazine described as "the Leading Proselytizer of Homeopathy" and ABC News touted as "Homeopathy's Foremost Spokesman." Dana has devoted his life to homeopathy. He regularly speaks at leading medical schools and universities. He has authored 10 books and authored chapters on homeopathy in 3 leading medical textbooks. Dana authors an exceedingly popular column at the HuffingtonPost.

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Double Helix Water
Product Description
Temporary introductory discount of 25%!
Price: $62.95
Now : $47.21

Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water®, 15 mL
We at Homeopathic Educational Services are pleased to bring to our customers a new potentially revolutionary product:  DOUBLE HELIX WATER.

DOUBLE HELIX WATER was discovered by Shui-Yin Lo, PhD, a respected theoretical physicist and visiting professor at Cal Tech (California Institute of Technology) who has a long-term special interest in both acupuncture and homeopathy and research partner David L Gann.  Double Helix Water is composed of millions of “stable water clusters” which some new research suggests may help form what acupuncturists describe as our “meridians.”  To learn more about Shui-Yin Lo, PhD (the scientist who made this revolutionary discovery, click here!)


Dana Ullman, MPH (the owner of Homeopathic Educational Services) recently attended a special conference on “Water and Health” at the prestigious California Institute of Technology (January 31-February 1, 2013), and he considers the research and experiences with DOUBLE HELIX WATER as compelling, potentially revolutionary, and part of the future of health and healing.

This conference included a highly respected group of researchers, including:

-- Benjamin Bonavida, PhD, former acting chair of immunology and microbiology at UCLA, presently still at UCLA and the editor of several scientific journals (and author of several articles on the power of nanodoses)

-- Jean Chen Shih, PhD., the Boyd P. and Elise D. Delin Professor at the University of Southern California, and one of the most eminent molecular neuropharmacologists in the world.

-- Paul Patterson, PhD, the Anne P. and Benjamin F. Biagginin Professor of Biological Sciences at the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)

-- Anders Nilsson, PhD, chair of the Photon Science Department and deputy director for the Center for Sustainable Energy, at Stanford University

-- Gerald Pollack, PhD, professor at the University of Washington and one of the world's experts on the physics of water.

                More details about this conference are available HERE.

A peer review scientific journal has published the papers that were presented at this conference, and you can read the abstracts of each presentation for free HERE, though there is a relatively high cost to read the entire article. 


Although DOUBLE HELIX WATER may resemble homeopathic medicine in some ways, it is important to clarify that it is NOT a homeopathic medicine.  Officially, it is simply considered “water,” though emerging research is suggesting that it may have benefits to living organisms that go way beyond simple water.

Below is a summary of what is presently known about DOUBLE HELIX WATER.  We invite you to explore this product, and we hope that you will provide FEEDBACK to us on what you experience from it.  The below information covers:

n  --- The Meridian System

n  --- Health and Well-being

n  --- FAQs about Double Helix Water

n  --- Recommended Uses

n  --- Testimonials





In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Meridian System is based on the concept that Qi, or healthy energy, flows throughout the body; allowing the body to heal itself and stay in balance. It is believed that there are 12 main Meridians in the body, each connecting the surface of the body to particular organs and tissues.

When Meridians are blocked or misaligned, Qi cannot flow freely, putting the body out of balance and causing maladies to occur. New insights into Meridians hypothesize that the Meridians are made up of a network of Stable Water Clusters. As Double Helix Water is comprised of Stable Water Clusters, it may help build bridges over misaligned or blocked Meridians, allowing Qi to flow freely once again; triggering the self-healing mechanism and restoring balance back in the body.





Double Helix Water revolutionizes our thinking about all-natural medicine.

As more people look to alternative medicine to bring the body back into balance, new insights into the Meridian System lead many to believe that the body can heal itself when aided with the right tools. Double Helix Water added to your daily regime may help the body to realign itself; improving and maintaining your health and well-being from environmental toxins we encounter each day. Double Helix Water is safe for all ages and causes no adverse reaction with any medication or supplements. The formula is 100% natural and contains no additives or preservatives.

Double Helix Water Live Blood Analysis

These images were sent in to us by a practitioner from Naples Florida, who recently performed a live blood test with Double Helix Water. This is the blood from a 44 year old female who has been in poor health for over 10 years presumably with undetermined auto-immune issues.

The before picture (on the left) shows irregularly shaped red blood cells that are ‘stacked' together. Also, the white shaded areas in the center of the cells are indications of weak and deflated unhealthy red blood cells. The primary job of red blood cells is to transport oxygen throughout the body. When they can't float freely, due to being stacked together, they can't perform this job properly which can result in illness and disease.

The after picture (on the right) was taken just 20 minutes after drinking 3 drops of Double Helix Water diluted in Distilled water. As you can see, the red blood cells have taken on a more consistent round, plump appearance and they are no longer stuck together; they are now moving freely. The white shaded area in the center of the cells which indicate weak and deflated cells have also decreased dramatically.



Historically, physics has always recognized water in 3 phases: liquid (water), solid (ice), and gas (steam). Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water are a previously undiscovered solid phase of water that remains stable at room temperature. Double Helix Water contains millions of these Stable Water Clusters suspended in ultra-pure water which are created by electrical pressure and make up a double helical molecule that has been verified by the use of an Atomic Force Microscope at the California Institute of Technology. The existence of Stable Water Clusters have been peer reviewed and published in the prestigious physics journal, “Physics Letter A” Oct. 2009 and have been the subject of research for over 17 years at major universities worldwide. Research suggests that Stable Water Clusters are triggering the body's self-healing capabilities at the gene level (to read this article that was published in one of the most respected physics journals in the world, just click on the below image of the journal!).

With Dr. Shui Yin Lo's research, it has been theorized that Stable Water Clusters are the material basis for the Meridian System and may be one of the precursors to DNA. Dr. Lo believes this infinitesimally small particle of water is part of the first movements of biological life. As one of the basic building blocks of our body's innate self-repair system, Stable Water Clusters may help bypass blocked or misaligned Meridians and allow Qi, or energy, to flow freely.

Physics Letter
Read Physics Letter A here



What research has been done on Double Helix Water?

Fifteen years of research has been done by top professors at major universities around the world about Stable Water Clusters and its effects on the body. Stable Water Clusters are a fundamental discovery in particle physics and have been published in an authoritative peer reviewed physics journal and presented at international academic conferences. It has been found to stimulate the body's immune response in a double blind study by Prof Benjamin Bonavida (formerly acting chair, Dept of Immunology and Microbiology, UCLA; presently, a professor in that Department), and also by Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph. D. The results are summarized in the book “Double Helix Water” by David L. Gann and Dr. Shui Yin Lo.

If effects of Double Helix Water can be seen in as little as 15 minutes, how long will they last?

Double Helix Water is not a drug nor does it “cure” something; the water is only one of the factors that is needed for the body to heal or recover and works best when taken continuously. The effects can last for several hours to several days, but in the end it is ONLY the body that is doing the healing.

One has to get the body back into balance. The Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water may help the body heal itself.

How is Double Helix Water made?

Double Helix Water is the result of using electrical pressure that surrounds a charged particle to convert ultra-pure water into Stable Water Clusters for commercial use. It believed to be a naturally occurring process that is now manufactured for commercial use, thanks to Double Helix Water. The details are published in Physics Letter A, Oct 2009.

Are there any side effects from taking Double Helix Water?

There are no known side effects, however the detoxification effect of Double Helix Water has caused a very small percentage of people to feel itchy or experience other discomfort from toxins being released from the body.

How is Double Helix Water different from alkaline water, Kangen water, etc. (other waters)?

Double Helix Water is not structured or enhanced water. It is a newly discovered phase of water, called Stable Water Clusters. Stable Water Clusters is the scientific name for a newly discovered particle of water: a solid phase of water that does not melt at room temperature.

Double Helix Water is not intended to replace any water you drink on a regular basis. It comes in a highly concentrated form containing millions of nanometer-sized Stable Water Clusters that have a high polar charge. Double Helix Water is neutral, (pH=7) and is without ions (electrical resistance of 18.2MΩ-cm). Add 3 drops of Double Helix Water to a 8-oz glass of distilled or reverse osmosis water twice a day or more to enjoy maximum benefits, both for hot spots and overall prevention.

How should I store Double Helix Water?
Does it need to be refrigerated?

Double Helix Water does not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept out of direct sunlight.

How long before I can tell if Double Helix Water is working for me?

While some people feel results in a matter of weeks and some feel benefits gradually over several months of taking the water, Double Helix Water is a lifestyle change product. The benefits to the body are best felt over a long period of time and users should take it daily as they would take regular vitamins or supplements.

When and how should I take Double Helix Water?

For best results, we recommend that Double Helix Water be consumed only using distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Can I increase the dosage of Double Helix Water?

Yes, Double Helix Water causes no adverse side effects if taken in larger doses and the benefits will become maximized with increased use.

Where is Double Helix Water manufactured?

Double Helix Water is produced at D&Y Laboratories' research laboratory in the Midwest. The facility includes a Class 100 Clean Room complete with the latest technology, including an atomic force microscope, the most advanced microscope existing today, and a custom water purification system to help produce the Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water.

* Double Helix Water® does not endorse claims or have scientific proof that Stable Water Clusters are effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Stable Water Clusters have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Recommended Usages

Incorporating Double Helix Water into your lifestyle.

Double-Helix-Water-Recommended-UsageAdd 3 drops of Double Helix Water to a 8-oz glass of distilled or reverse osmosis water twice a day or more to enjoy maximum benefits, both for helping with hot spots and overall prevention.

Creams Powered by Double Helix Water:

Double Helix Water Creams are applied topically for localized penetration.

Massage Full Force creams into sore, tired muscles to help provide relief and help speed up the self-healing process following injury or exercise.

Apply Full Spectrum creams day and/or night to help rejuvenate, revive, heal and nourish delicate neck and facial skin.





Decreased Swelling and Reduced Pain

My 92 year old mother had severe swelling in both feet and legs along with excruciating pain in her right hip. I gave her the Double Helix Water and massaged her legs, feet, and hip with the rosemary cream. We were amazed to see how the swelling had gone down and the pain was greatly relieved after only a few applications!


Reduced Pain from Hip Problem

My husband had pain in his hip and I massaged some cream into his hip and right away he said “It works”. Needless to say, we're fans of the Double Helix Water and Creams!


Long Term Use of Double Helix Water Shows Amazing Results

I have been on the Double Helix Water for 5 months now and I wanted to give you feedback from my Kinesiologist. Based on muscle testing, she said that I have no electromagnetic distortion in any fields! After seeing the results, she is now extremely interested in learning more about the Double Helix Water!


Relief from Past Sport Related Injuries

I used to be an active martial artist, fighter, stunt man and all around athlete. My body was in such pain from the many years of abuse that it has gone through. It got so bad that it was even hard to simply get out of bed from the amount of pain I had been in. I had tried everything from prescriptions, to herbal remedies and acupuncture, to meditation, eastern and western medicines but nothing seemed to help with the pain. One day my friend had received a bottle of Double Helix Water on his birthday from someone, and rather than take it himself, he gave it to me. I started taking it twice a day and I can't deny its results, about 90% of all my aches and pain were gone! I highly recommend this to everyone. This is the first time I've said that about any product.


Increased Endurance, Stamina and Concentration

I work out two times a day and since taking Double Helix Water for the past 12 weeks, I no longer experience muscle soreness or fatigue; just increased endurance, stamina, strength. My concentration and awareness have risen to a much higher level. Double Helix Water has been a great addition to my already healthy regime and I am very happy to have been introduced to this wonderful product.


General Well Being

I have been taking Double Helix Water for over a month, and I've noticed an improvement in my general health and feel much better.


Pain Relief and Recovery from Sports-Related Injuries

As a professional tennis player for most of my life, I have developed aches and pains throughout my body, particularly in my knees, from many years spent running on hard courts. Now that I use Double Helix Water Full Force Sports Cream alongside Double Helix Water, I recover faster, the pain in my knees is gone, and I've gained flexibility. Double Helix Water has become a part of my daily routine and I feel fantastic.


New Sense of Vitality and Easier Breathing

I've struggled with fibromyalgia in the past as well as bouts of pneumonia. After taking Double Helix Water for just three weeks, my massage therapist that I have seen regularly for many years asked me what I had been doing differently, because the quality of my muscles was so much better! I am breathing much easier, have a new sense of vitality and feel fantastic.

Dr. Teresa Quinlin

Quicker Recovery from Heavy Weightlifting

I've had sciatica pain in my lower back on-and-off for years from a ruptured disc due to lifting heavy weights as part of my strength training program. Until I discovered Double Helix Water, the aches in my back from my sciatic nerve would last anywhere from 6 weeks up to several months, forcing me to take a break from weight lifting. Now that I've been taking high doses of Double Helix Water and using the cream on my lower back, I've noticed that the sciatica pain clears up in just a few days! Now, I'm stronger than ever because I can be consistent with my strength training routine!


Quicker Post Surgery Healing

A few years ago, I had major surgery and the recovery period was extremely painful and long. For weeks I was unable to move. I had to have the same surgery again this year, and I was dreading the painful healing process. However, this time I took an entire bottle of Double Helix Water each day beginning the same day as my surgery, and within four days of my operation I was able to move around and even return back to work! The difference in recovery between my first and second operation is incredible!




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He is the founder of Homeopathic Educational Services, America's leading resource center for homeopathic books, tapes, medicines, software, and correspondence courses. Homeopathic Educational Services has co-published over 35 books on homeopathy with North Atlantic Books.

Dana writes a regular column for the wildly popular website, (to access these articles, click HERE!)
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For 15 ml the notorious fraud Dana Ullman charges "Price: $62.95" (and "Now : $47.21") as a "reduced price.

$62.95" for 15 ml is $4196 for 1 litre.

$47.21" for 15 ml is $3147 for 1 litre.

For a useless and worthless nonsense. For a fraud. Why don't the cops get this vicious reptile off the streets?

I think it is high tide to make a list of his victims, of the ones who died and of all those who suffered.

It is a long list, that is for sure.

 on: April 18, 2016, 09:18:52 PM 
Started by ama - Last post by worelia
Don't forget this.

 on: April 17, 2016, 10:50:46 AM 
Started by Omegafant - Last post by Omegafant
München, 17. April 2016
PM 84/GP

Bayerische Impfwoche startet am Montag
Bayerns Gesundheitsministerin Huml: Schwerpunkt liegt bei der Masernimpfung für Jugendliche und Erwachsene

Am Montag (18. April) beginnt die 4. Bayerische Impfwoche. Sie bildet den Abschluss der Impfkampagne gegen Masern, die BAYERNS GESUNDHEITSMINISTERIN MELANIE HUML im Oktober vergangenen Jahres gestartet hatte. Bis zum 24. April wird es bayernweit vielfältige Aktionen rund um das Thema Impfen geben.

Huml betonte am Sonntag: "An Masern erkranken auch in Bayern zunehmend Jugendliche und Erwachsene. In vielen Fällen ist aufgrund des schweren Verlaufs sogar ein Krankenhausaufenthalt nötig. Deshalb ist eine Impfung sehr wichtig."

Die Ministerin fügte hinzu: "Dabei geht es nicht nur um den eigenen Schutz, sondern auch um das Allgemeinwohl: Wer sich gegen Masern impfen lässt, der übernimmt Verantwortung für sich und andere. Vor allem müssen Säuglinge und Menschen mit geschwächtem Immunsystem geschützt werden, die selbst nicht geimpft werden können. Das sollten auch Impfgegner bedenken!"

Während der Impfwoche wird das Gesundheitsministerium gemeinsam mit der Bayerischen Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Impfen (LAGI) unter anderem mit Beratungsständen in Innenstädten informieren. Außerdem gibt es Vorträge und Expertengespräche.

Ferner ist erneut der Masern-Kinospot des Bayerischen Gesundheitsministeriums zu sehen, und zwar in mehr als 90 Kinos

Der kurze Film wird während der Impfwoche auch bayernweit in öffentlichen Nahverkehrsmitteln, Apotheken, Arztpraxen, Fitnessstudios, Universitäten und an Bahnhöfen gezeigt. Zudem werden in Gaststätten und Kinos ergänzend Postkarten zum Thema Masernimpfung verteilt.

Im vergangenen Jahr wurden in Bayern insgesamt 164 Masern-Erkrankungen registriert. Huml unterstrich: "In diesem Jahr sind im Freistaat bisher nur fünf Masern-Fälle gemeldet worden. Das sind zwar deutlich weniger als im gleichen Zeitraum 2015, in dem 85 Fälle registriert wurden. Aber wir dürfen nicht nachlassen, sondern müssen weiterhin intensiv auf den Impfschutz setzen."

Hinweis für Fotojournalisten:

Gemeinsam mit den Mitgliedern der Bayerischen LANDESARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT IMPFEN (LAGI) gibt Gesundheitsministerin Melanie Huml den offiziellen Startschuss für die Bayerische Impfwoche

AM MONTAG, 18. APRIL, 14:00 UHR,
80331 MÜNCHEN.

Zwischen 12:00 Uhr und 17:00 Uhr können sich Bürgerinnen und Bürger dort auch kostenlos über ihren individuellen Impfstatus beraten lassen. Dafür wird empfohlen, den Impfpass mitzubringen.



(c) Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege
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 on: April 14, 2016, 12:21:57 PM 
Started by da Fake - Last post by da Fake

Angeblich nicht von der Titanic.

 on: April 14, 2016, 12:51:50 AM 
Started by worelia - Last post by worelia
We need another Rosetta Stone!


Lista de terapias pseudocientíficas

A continuación os dejamos una lista con algunas terapias pseudocientíficas. Si queréis más información sobre ellas podéis hacer clic sobre su nombre y acceder a información sobre sus fundamentos y sobre si tienen algún valor terapéutico real. Esta sección está bajo construcción así que es posible que algunas pseudociencias aún no estén disponibles, pero si quieres información sobre ellas pregúntanos a través de este formulario. Recordamos al lector que a pesar del uso de la palabra terapia estas prácticas no tienen por qué tener valor terapéutico alguno o formar parte del cuerpo de conocimiento medico o científico. Por otro lado el poner estas prácticas en una lista no quiere decir que todas estén al mismo nivel, y dentro de cada ficha se matizará de forma adecuada cada una de ellas:







Biomagnetismo, terapia biomágnética o terapia del par biomagnético

BioNeuroEmoción, psicobiodescodificación o biodescodificación



Cirugía psiquica

Comunicación facilitata

Constelaciones familiares

Craneo-sacral o Biodinámica




Dieta alcalina

Dieta macrobiótica

EMDR (Desensibilización por medio de movimientos oculares)

Flores de Bach

Helioterapia o fototerapia (no confundir con la terapia real con su mismo nombre)


Hidroterapia de colon, hidratación colónica o hidrocolonterapia

Hipnoterapia o terapia hipnótica.


Iriodología, iriología o iridiología



Medicina antroposófica

Medicina biológica u Homotoxicología

Medicina germánica o Nueva medicina germánica

Medicina holística

Método Dorn


MMS o suplemento mineral milagroso

Moxibuxtión o terapia con artemisa.


Odontología biológica y neurofocal





Péndulo hebreo

Programación neurolinguística, PLN o NLP


Psicología positiva

Psicología transpersonal


Quiropráctica o quiropraxia

Reflexología, terapia zonal o acupresión (incluye a la reflexología podal, reflexología palmar, auriculomedicina, etc)


Reinformación celular

Renacimiento o rebirthing

Sanación enteogénica

Sanación por arquetipos

Sanación cuántica

Sanación pránica


Suero de anguila


Técnica de liberación emocional (EFT)

Técnica metamórfica

Terapia bioenergética, terapia energética o análisis bioenergético

Terapia de vidas pasadas

Terapia Gerson o dieta Gerson

Terapia Gestalt o Terapia humanista

Terapia neural

Terapia ortomolecular, medicina ortomolecular, nutrición ortomolecular o terapia de las megavitaminas

Terapia orgónica o vegetoterapia caráctero-analítica

Terapia quelante

Terapia radiónica

Terapias láser


Toque terapéutico

© 2016 APETP. Asociación para Proteger al Enfermo de Terapias Pseudocientíficas
Administrado por APETP

 on: April 14, 2016, 12:39:07 AM 
Started by worelia - Last post by worelia
Aye, diggers! Here's something for deeper investigations. The Independent UK writes about homeopathy, but the Spanish papers do not mention the word.

For the sake of  clarity, this is the full quote of each article.

Grieving father sues homeopath 'who said his son’s cancer could be cured with vitamins'

Julián Rodríguez says his son was persuaded away from conventional medicine in favour of 'alternative' treatments
Will Worley @willrworley


Mr Rodriguez says his son was 'convinced' into using alternative medicine to treat his cancer APETP

A Spanish father has launched a court case against a homeopath he accuses of telling his son his cancer could be cured with “fungi and alcohol".

Julián Rodríguez’s son, Mario Rodríguez, died after shunning conventional medical advice to treat his leukaemia in favour of alternative remedies.

The landmark case, which Julián hopes will result in stronger regulation on homeopathic practitioners, is expected to bring renewed pressure on Spain’s burgeoning alternative remedies industry.

The Provincial Court of Valencia, which initially dismissed Julián’s case, has now accepted it on the basis that José Ramón Llorente – who is not a medical doctor – should be held accountable for his claims that he could cure cancer, on the grounds of ‘professional intrusion’.

If convicted, Mr Llorente could face two years in prison, according to La Vanguardia.

Mario was a 21-years-old physics student when he was diagnosed with leukaemia and doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant and a course of chemotherapy.

However, he feared the effects of chemotherapy and was, according to Julián, “convinced” by Mr Llorente, president of the Spanish Association of Orthomolecular Nutrition, into a homeopathic ‘orthomolecular treatment'.

Mr Llorente prescribed €4,000 worth of ‘alternative medicines', including vitamins, fungi and alcohol. Before he later died of an intestinal infection, Mario said to his father: "Dad, I was wrong".

Mario’s medical doctors also blamed Mr Llorente for the young man’s decision to turn down conventional treatment, El Pais reported.

"It is so painful to know that he had such a clear chance to save my son,” Julián said.

Mr Llorente denies that he claimed to cure diseases, but said “we train the body to enhance recovery and if cancer is cured, then perfect.”

He said of Mario’s decision: "If he was wrong, he was wrong."

In an online petition to raise awareness of the issue, Julián wrote: “I want my son's case to serve as a way to initiate legislative change that regulates the advertisement, circulation and practice of these so-called 'alternative therapies'.

Read more

    Homeopathy 'quackery' should be cut from NHS say campaigners
    We can now finally end the farce that is homeopathy
    Homeopathy could be banned on the NHS
    It is right to submit herbal remedies to scientific scrutiny
    The maps that show where the NHS is spending millions on homeopathy

“For a car, a washer, or a television, these products have to pass through pre-determined filters established by legislation. But to open a shady business and announce that you can cure cancer – no.”

Julián is now lobbying on a broader scale against homeopathy and alternative medicine in Spain and founded campaign group Asociación Para Proteger Al Enfermo De Terapias Pseudocientíficas (Association to Protect the Sick from Pseudoscientific Therapies)

They work to against “pseudoscientific therapies and the damage they are doing to public health”, which they believe takes “advantage of the lack of scientific culture in most of the population.”

Homeopathy, which has no grounding in scientific evidence, is big business in Spain, worth an estimated €60 million every year.

While the ‘treatments’ have been proven by scientists to be only as effective as placebos, there is a strong lobby for alternative medicine in Spain and commentators believe there is significant public confusion about the effectiveness of alternative medicines, with around 13 per cent of Spaniards claiming to prefer them, according to El Pais.

However, the mood in Spain has recently soured towards homeopathy, particularly after a six-year-old boy, whose mother worked in a homeopathic clinic, died of diphtheria in June 2015 having not been vaccinated against the illness.

In March of this year, the University of Barcelona followed other institutions and scrapped its homeopathy course on recommendation of the faculty of medicine and widespread opposition from staff and students.

19 minutes ago
Alan Henness
"The article says he treated poor Mario with funghi, alcohol and homeopathic 'orthomolecular nutrition'."
There could well be a lot of essential detail missing, but the article actually says:
"Mr Llorente prescribed €4,000 worth of ‘alternative medicines', including vitamins, fungi and alcohol."
So that doesn't preclude homeopathy.

Dated in February 2016.

“A mi hijo lo ha matado la incultura científica”
Se reabre el caso de un joven que murió tras abandonar la quimioterapia por culpa de un curandero, según denuncia su padre

Javier Salas

Valencia 26 FEB 2016 - 19:57 CET
Julián Rodríguez ha denunciado al curandero que trató la leucemia de su hijo con vitaminas. MÓNICA TORRES

"Papá, me he equivocado". Una frase tan simple estremece cuando es Julián Rodríguez quien la pronuncia. Repite lo que le dijo Mario, su hijo de 21 años, poco antes de morir. Su error: abandonar el tratamiento médico de su leucemia para abrazar una pseudoterapia recomendada por un curandero que asegura ser capaz de curar el cáncer con vitaminas. El calvario de Mario duró seis terribles meses hasta que falleció en julio de 2014. Su padre aprieta con rabia los dientes al repetir: "Papá, me he equivocado".

Además de apartar a su hijo del tratamiento, Julián Rodríguez calcula que el curandero le costó 4.000 euros en tratamientos a su familia

"O te tiras por la ventana o peleas". Es tan duro lo que ha sufrido Julián que decidió luchar para que nadie más vuelva a pasar por lo que él ha pasado. Dos semanas después de que muriera Mario ya había declarado la guerra contra los curanderos que se aprovechan de las tragedias de la gente y su falta de conocimientos médicos: "Es tan doloroso saber que tuvo una oportunidad tan clara de salvarse... A mi hijo lo ha matado la incultura científica".

Su primera batalla es denunciar al curandero que apartó a Mario del tratamiento que podría haberle sanado. La Audiencia Provincial de Valencia le acaba de dar la razón y exige al juez —que inicialmente desestimó la denuncia— que reabra el caso para procesar al falso médico "como mínimo, por un delito de intrusismo". Las magistradas consideran que este pseudoterapeuta, que se presenta como experto en "medicina natural y ortomolecular", debe responder por fingir que es capaz de curar el cáncer con sus recomendaciones.

Según el médico que trataba a Mario —el de verdad—, no sólo le convenció para que se negara a un trasplante y a darse la quimio, sino que le prescribió un tratamiento que interfería en su recuperación con elementos contraproducentes, como hongos y alcohol. En su martirio, a Mario hubo que intervenirle en el intestino por una infección.

Ha creado una asociación para proteger a los enfermos "de los mensajes de estos estafadores", luchando contra la difusión de mensajes contrarios a la ciencia médica

Pero Julián tiene muchas más batallas por delante: quiere ayudar a la gente —"no podemos saber de todo"— a evitar el error de su hijo: "Es necesario ofrecer información para contrarrestar los mensajes de estos estafadores". Para encauzar esa labor, ha creado la Asociación para Proteger al Enfermo de Terapias Pseudocientíficas (APETP),
desde la que pelea con ayuda de divulgadores,
activistas y especialistas contra la difusión de mensajes contrarios a la ciencia médica que, como se ha visto, puede costar la salud y hasta la vida. Sus primeros objetivos: evitar que los charlatanes
vendan sus servicios en espacios públicos o con el aval de instituciones académicas y ofrecer información contrastada
sobre la verdad de las pseudoterapias.

El trabajo que tienen por delante es monumental. Para empezar, porque los charlatanes cuentan con importantes plataformas de difusión en la red y medios como Discoverysalud, que promociona sin tapujos estas pseudoterapias y que aparece mencionado en el escrito de la Audiencia, porque esta web promocionó el falso tratamiento contra el cáncer del curandero. Además, se presentaba como médico aunque no tenga el título: la Generalitat de Valencia retiró el cartel de su consulta después de la denuncia de Rodríguez.

Además, va a ser complicado romper la espiral de engaño y confusión porque en muchos casos el caballo de Troya está en casa. En el caso de Mario, fue su madre quien le llevó a la consulta del falso médico: el 7 de enero diagnosticaron su leucemia y el 9 de enero "ya tenía un saco de píldoras". Julián Rodríguez calcula que su hijo tomaba "religiosamente" unas 25 pastillas al día por encargo del denunciado. La madre del joven fallecido colocó un panel en casa con las pautas indicadas para seguir este inútil tratamiento, que les costó unos 4.000 euros, calcula el padre. Siempre en negro, sin facturas, a una familia sin apenas recursos que se veía obligada a convivir bajo el mismo techo incluso después de que padre y madre se hubieran separado.

La Audiencia Provincial de Valencia le acaba de dar la razón y exige que se reabra el caso para procesar al falso médico "como mínimo, por un delito de intrusismo"

Alrededor del 13% de los españoles, según un estudio del CIS, prefiere las medicinas alternativas, aquellas que están fuera del sistema sanitario por no haber probado su utilidad. Pero si no se combate su discurso, los crédulos y engañados podrían crecer. Era el caso de la madre de Mario, que sumó sus creencias al pavor que su hijo sentía por los efectos de la quimioterapia. El joven, sin embargo, no era para nada ajeno al método científico, ya que estudiaba Física en la universidad. "Mucha gente me pregunta cómo un estudiante de Física pudo tomar esa decisión", asegura su padre, "y yo les respondo: estudiante de Física y enfermo de cáncer. Nunca sabes cómo te va a afectar al coco algo así".

Hoy Julián reconoce, conteniendo las lágrimas, que se arrepiente de no haber peleado más contra la decisión de su hijo, aunque ya era mayor de edad, mientras modula la voz para enumerar situaciones sobrecogedoras que vivió junto a él en la habitación del hospital por culpa del curandero. Se exalta al relatar que los centros de pseudoterapias proliferan de forma imparable ante la "pasividad de las autoridades sanitarias", que "no protegen a la gente" en momentos tan delicados como los que tuvo que vivir. Y agarra con fuerza una foto de Mario mientras repite las palabras con las que le respondió aquel día, cuando ya sabía que iba a perderlo: "No te has equivocado, hijo, te han mareado".
"Si se equivocó, se equivocó él"

El terapeuta acusado, José Ramón Llorente, se presenta como experto en "medicina natural y ortomolecular", que fue el cartel que le retiró la Consellería de Sanitat tras confirmar que no tiene titulación en Medicina. Además, es presidente de la Asociación Española de Nutrición Ortomolecular. La llamada terapia ortomolecular, que se basa en el uso de altas cantidades de vitaminas, es considerada una pseudomedicina por no existir evidencia científica de que funcione. Llorente asegura que el joven abandonó el tratamiento por miedo a la quimioterapia y que tomó la decisión antes de acudir a su consulta: "Si se equivocó, se equivocó él". Defiende que solo le prescribió un tratamiento para mejorar sus condiciones bioquímicas: "No curo enfermedades, capacitamos al organismo para potenciar su recuperación. Y si se cura del cáncer, perfecto". Sin embargo, se pueden encontrar vídeos en los que defiende que la vitamina C cura el cáncer y que la quimioterapia entorpece ese supuesto proceso. Llorente se defiende afirmando que se limitaba a divulgar esa idea y que, aunque se muestra convencido de que funciona, él no le propone ese tratamiento a la gente que acude a su oficina.

Dated April 2016.

Un padre denuncia al curandero que trató, sin éxito, la leucemia de su hijo

Mario murió con 21 años seis meses después de cambiar la quimioterapia y un trasplante de médula ósea por una terapia pseudocientífica a base de vitaminas que le costó 4.000 euros

Un padre denuncia al curandero que trató, sin éxito, la leucemia de su hijo
Julián Rodríguez, padre de Mario que murió con 21 años por leucemia y se sometió a una terapia pseudocientífica (Youtube)

Raquel Andrés Durà
12/04/2016 00:01 | Actualizado a 12/04/2016 12:06

Mario era un estudiante de Física de Burjassot (Valencia), pero con solo 21 años recibió la terrible noticia que truncaría todos sus proyectos: tenía leucemia, una enfermedad que acabó con su vida sólo seis meses después. Quizás el cáncer se lo habría llevado igualmente, pero en su familia siempre quedará la duda: Mario decidió cambiar el tratamiento hospitalario por una terapia pseudocientífica a base de vitaminas a instancias de su madre, simpatizante de “terapias alternativas”. Dejó de lado, así, la propuesta de quimioterapia y trasplante de médula ósea que le habían planteado en el hospital Arnau de Vilanova de Valencia.

Su padre Julián Rodríguez, haciendo de tripas corazón, creó la Asociación para Proteger al Enfermo de Terapias Pseudocientíficas (APETP)
y denunció hace dos años el caso ante la Justicia. Ahora, cuando el Juzgado de Instrucción nº7 de Valencia estaba a punto de archivar la causa, la Audiencia Provincial ha reabierto el caso por presunto intrusismo profesional. El denunciado se enfrenta a una pena de hasta dos años de prisión.

“Curar el cáncer con vitaminas”

El terapeuta de Mario fue José Ramón Llorente, presidente de la Asociación Española de Nutrición Ortomolecular, y que se presentaba como experto en esta materia. Pese a carecer de titulación médica, Julián Rodríguez denuncia que aseguraba “ser capaz de curar el cáncer con vitaminas”. La Generalitat Valenciana ya le obligó a cambiar ‘Medicina naturista y ortomolecular’ por ‘Centro de Terapias Naturales’ tras una denuncia.

En el informe judicial, al que ha tenido acceso La Vanguardia, consta que el denunciante aportó un recurso en el que decía que su hijo recibió un “tratamiento” con “elementos contraproducentes” como “hongos o alcohol” que le costó 4.000 euros. En el texto las magistradas creen que la documentación aportada corrobora el “intrusismo del denunciado” por anunciarse como “experto en medicina que aborda el cáncer”, ya que aparecía en vídeos donde usaba terminología “de apariencia médica” explicando las ventajas de su tratamiento con vitaminas frente a la quimioterapia.

En uno de esos vídeos, el curandero aparece en un despacho junto al logo ‘Hospital Aquarius’. En el escrito judicial se expone que da “la apariencia” de que se “presenta actuando como médico” aún “careciendo” de esa titulación y tacha de “intervención intrusa” el papel de José Ramón Llorente en la decisión del joven Mario de abandonar la quimioterapia. Además, recuerda que en la relación médico-enfermo, el primero tiene “un valor indiscutible con valor terapéutico, dado el evidente desequilibrio que existe en ambos” que conduce a que el paciente se ponga sus manos.

La Vanguardia se ha puesto en contacto con José Ramón Llorente, quien ha declinado dar explicaciones “por recomendación” de su abogado, algo que asegura que le “fastidia” porque no tiene “nada que ocultar” después de 44 años trabajando. El denunciado cree que hay “personas que están mintiendo descaradamente por una cuestión de intereses” y añade que, según la Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica, “el año pasado murieron 104.000 personas siguiendo tratamientos de oncología”.

“Papá, me he equivocado”

Aparentemente, Mario aceptó voluntariamente el tratamiento, como persona mayor de edad que era. Pero su padre lo cuestiona. Alega en un escrito que su hijo estaba “desorientado” al recibir la terrible noticia siendo tan joven, lo que le dejó en desventaja a la hora de aceptar los postulados de “un entendido en medicina naturista”. Cuenta que “metió miedo” a su hijo asegurando que no aguantaría más quimioterapias y este se dio cuenta del error cuando ya era demasiado tarde.

Julián Rodríguez cuenta que tuvo una escalofriante conversación con Mario, quien le dijo, ya cerca del fatal desenlace: “Papá, me he equivocado”. “No, hijo, no te has equivocado, te han mareado la cabeza”, le respondió, por no decirle, según él, “te han engañado” en un momento tan duro. Y añade, tajante, que su hijo fue manipulado por el “falso terapeuta”.

Julián Rodríguez, muy afectado, ya no concede entrevistas con los medios, pero sigue luchando con su asociación para que no se produzcan nuevos casos. La entidad reclama que las personas sin estudios médicos acreditados por organismos oficiales no puedan ofertar terapias curativas, que no se puedan publicitar las curaciones de enfermedades sin datos objetivos, que se potencie la cultura de prevención de enfermedades en la sociedad y se potencie un pensamiento crítico y científico para evitar “posibles manipuladores de pseudocientíficos”. En el propio escrito de la Audiencia se menciona el medio Discovery Salud,
una web y revista que promociona abiertamente las pseudoterapias.

También ha impulsado una campaña en
donde cuenta su historia y con la que busca limitar las prácticas calificadas como “terapias naturales, complementarias o alternativas”.

 on: April 14, 2016, 12:04:46 AM 
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And they murder, wherever they are.

 on: April 13, 2016, 12:47:48 PM 
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Boris Palmer
12.4.2016 um 03:42 ·

Böhmermann spricht nicht für Deutschland

Sehr geehrter Herr Präsident Erdogan,

Als Bürger der Bundesrepublik Deutschland möchte ich mich bei Ihnen für die "schweren Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit" entschuldigen, die Herr Böhmermann Ihnen gegenüber verübt hat.

Ich halte es für völlig inakzeptabel, dass ein Satiriker unter dem Deckmantel der Meinungsfreiheit Sie als Staatsoberhaupt um die Ehre bringt und unterstütze daher voll und ganz Ihr Verlangen, ihn angemessen zu bestrafen. Dies gilt um so mehr, als Sie den Kampf gegen die Meinungsfreiheit im eigenen Land mit großer Überzeugung und glaubwürdig führen. Mehr als 2000 Strafverfahren wegen Beleidigung des Präsidenten sprechen eine klare Sprache. Eine Verurteilung von Herrn Böhmermann in Deutschland wird den Widerständigen in der Türkei klar machen, dass sie sich nicht auf westliche Werte berufen können.

Für eine spürbare Strafe scheint mir das deutsche Strafrecht aber zu schwach. Ich möchte Sie daher dazu ermutigen, nach einer Verurteilung dieses unverschämten Mannes ein Auslieferungsersuchen einzureichen.

Angesichts Ihrer großen Verdienste in der Flüchtlingskrise können Sie von Deutschland eine bevorzugte Behandlung erwarten. Die EU hat bereits bewiesen, dass sie lieber moralisch zweifelhafte Arbeit der Türkei auflädt, als selbst die eigene Grenzen wirksam zu schützen. Es ist zu erwarten, dass daher die angemessen harte Strafe nur möglich ist, wenn sie in der Türkei erfolgt.

Schneiden Sie Herrn Böhmermann die Eier ab, damit er sich nie wieder über Präsidenten mit kurzem Schwanz lustig macht.

Ihr Boris Palmer

Türkischer Strafantrag gegen Böhmermann: "Dieser unverschämte Mann" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Türkei fordert ein Strafverfahren gegen Jan Böhmermann. Staatspräsident Erdogan hat persönlich Anzeige wegen Beleidigung erstattet. Zudem heißt es,…|Von SPIEGEL ONLINE, Hamburg, Germany
7354 „Gefällt mir“-Angaben328 Kommentare3009 geteilte Inhalte


Ein fairer Vorschlag: Gefangenenaustausch: Wir geben Erdogan den Böhmernann und er gibt uns die von ihm eingesperrten Journalisten.

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They meet in India, but they make contracts for Armenia and for Canada.
President to inaugurate international convention on homeopathy
Press Trust of India    |  New Delhi
April 8, 2016   Last Updated at 15:57 IST
Over 2,000 delegates from 25 countries will participate in a two-day international convention on integrating homeopathy in health-care beginning tomorrow.

The convention which is being organsied to mark "World Homeopathy day" by Liga Medicorum Homeopatica Internationalis (LMHI), an international body of homeopaths, and AYUSH ministry will be inaugurated by President Pranab Mukjherjee at Vigyan Bhawan.

"World Homeopathy day is celebrated every year on April 10 to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Samual Hahnemann, the German doctor who is the founder of homeopathy," an official statement said.

"The theme of the convention is integrating homeopathy in healthcare and over 2000 delegates from 25 countries will be participating in it. An MoU between the Central Council of Research in Homeopathy (CCRH, Armenia State Medical University and College of homeopaths, Canada, will also be signed," it added.

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