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Author Topic: Tote in Norwegen, die Hinterbliebenen klagen Hamer  (Read 4659 times)


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Tote in Norwegen, die Hinterbliebenen klagen Hamer
« on: October 06, 2010, 08:11:01 PM »

Hamer, der sadistische Irre, hat zu seinem Geisteskostüm die Schellen bekommen.

Googlification von

HEAVY READING: Else Marie Fjeldheim led ornate diary entries throughout the hospital bed. After her death in 2006, the younger brother Peter Fjeldheim (54) an insight into what really happened when her sister opted out of conventional medicine in favor of Ryke Geerd Hamer "Germanic New Medicine." Photo: BEAR LANGSEM / Dagbladet

"Hamer was my sister's death"

Terje Fjeldheims sister Else Marit was only 52. She refused to operate because she was convinced that "the Germanic new medicine" would make her healthy.

Ralf Lofstad


ASBJØRN Svarstad








Quack: Ryke Geerd Hamer (75) outside his home in Oslo. From there, the driver license address doctor illegal cancer treatment, including via e-mail and telephone. Photo: Øistein NORUM Mons / Dagbladet

Sorely missed: Else Marie Fjeldheim was only 52. The little brother think a lot of negative experiences in the public health system, coupled with an interest in alternative therapies, drove her into the arms of kvakksalveren Hamer philosophy. Photo: BEAR LANGSEM / Dagbladet
Ryke Geerd Hamer
• German trained physician. Born 17 May 1935 in Mettmann, North Rhine-Westphalia.

• Completed medical training in 1962 and got the license the following year. Specialized in internal medicine gradually.

• After Dirks son's death in 1978 he developed the "Germanic New Medicine" (GNM), an alternative treatment for all types of diseases (see fact box).

• Was deprived of the medical license of German law in 1986. The verdict was upheld in 2003 and 2007.

• On his license despite the loss continued to treat patients, he was eventually investigated for pasientdød and error handling.

• Joined in 1992 sentenced to six months' suspended prison sentence in Germany. After the appeal was the sentence reduced by two months.

• Got a new German sentence of 19 months in prison in 1997. Hamer served twelve months of the sentence.

• Went then to Spain, but in 2004 was extradited to France, where he served 15 months of a sentence of three years in prison.

• Eventually, he was also in Spain investigated for a number of deaths. Then left Norway in 2007.

• Has since lived in Oslo and runs there, "University of Oslo for the Germanic New Medicine, Natural Art and Lifestyle."

• Have in Norway has been to court to operate as a doctor, but all courts have rejected the petition. Subsequent legal proceedings against the Norwegian state has not been successful.

Sources: Norwegian and foreign media, Hamer's website, court documents, Wikipedia

"UNIVERSITIES": Hamer's home is also "Stockholm University". There are a number of visitors from near and far, some from South America, to spend time with ekslegen and høyreekstremisten. Photo: Øistein NORUM Mons / Dagbladet
"The Germanic New Medicine" (GNM)
• Alternative medical treatment and theory founded by Hamer.

• Hamer founded direction in 1978 after he had testicular cancer shortly after his son Dirk was shot. It led him to believe that any serious illness caused by trauma.

• Hamer argues that the traumas are evident in brain scans as rings (Hamer-rings).

• Disease manifests itself mainly as "conflicts" (eg. "Water conflict"). Healing takes place by overcoming the conflict and by further natural processes.

• Hamer reject chemotherapy (treatment with medications, editor.) Because it can be damaging and prevent the natural healing in accordance. GNM.

• He says the Jews are behind a conspiracy to kill as many non-Jews. Jews both recognize and use the GNM, but the conspiracy is not getting the rest of the population in this part. Instead, they slowly eradicated by conventional chemotherapy. The pharmaceutical industry is an important participant in the conspiracy.

• Hamer has supporters and clinics in several countries. GNM gaining ground in Norway, including through Bergen movement Meta-Medicine.

Sources: Norwegian and foreign media, Hamer's website, court documents, Wikipedia

WOULD NOT ANSWER: When Dagbladet Hamer met for an interview last Friday, he refused to answer critical questions, and also demanded full editorial control over the interview. It could not go with Dagbladet, and left the interview with uforrettet case. In today's article, however, he gave a brief comment. Photo: BEAR LANGSEM / Dagbladet
• Words of Low German origin. In Dutch it means "person who tampers with the ointment."

• In Norwegian, the word:

1. People engaged in medical activities without professional training or authorization.

2. People who cheats in a subject, person performing craft work without authorization.

Source: Bokmålsordboka

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Domestic news cancer alternative medicine

 Kongsberg, Norway


KONGSBERG (Dagbladet) - Hamer was my sister's death. I mean it sincerely.

Nearly five years after his older sister's death is Elsemarits Terje Fjeldheim (54) home in Kongsberg, and scroll in his sister's diary. It hurts.

- Me and my wife gets printed on the passport because we let up in her treatment, that we had nothing to do with. A friend said that from, she cut off contact with. It was like she was in a cult, "he told Dagbladet.

- I am both sad and angry, "said 52-year-old, who has previously stood out in VG and TV 2 in its history. Now he warns again against the German ekslegen Ryke Geerd Hamer's methods.

Else Marie refused to operate when in January 2005 she discovered she had breast cancer. The reason was that she was a fan of Hamer's philosophy of "the Germanic New Medicine" (GNM) and refused to operate.

Just over a year later she died in great pain.

Meta Medicine
"I am now in the happy state I through Bent has been presented to Dr. Hamer's methods, and what cancer really is: utter shock sensations that form the rings in the brain," writes Else Marit.

It should have been through the job in a health food business that Else Marie came in contact with Bent Madsen (64), one of the so-called meta-medicine's leading figures in Norway and Scandinavia.

In the presentation of the therapy on are similarities with the GNM striking, first and foremost, the belief in negative emotions as a basis for disease.

Hamer usually takes cancer patients from chemotherapy, radiation therapy and pain relievers instead of processing emotional life. It has repeatedly ended in a painful death for patients.

Pass on
Else Marie knew that she was predisposed to breast cancer, since it is passed down the maternal side of the family.

- She checked in regularly, and quickly discovered the cancer, "says Terje.

But instead of following the usual treatment, which gives good predictions of survival for patients who discover breast cancer quickly, indulged Else Marit to GNM.

- She was always a little alternative. Besides, she had a bad impression of the public health system after several negative incidents in the hospital, she felt the doctors had a top-down attitude, "he says.

So she decided not to allow themselves to operate, allegedly in collaboration with her doctor, who should have been open to alternative treatment.

"MRI showed twice as cool as first thought at the hospital, and spread to the lymphatic system. I'm just very quiet, I will not have any operation, please. "

Illegal treatment
Yesterday, told Dagbladet that Hamer, who is deprived of the right to operate as a doctor, from his refuge in Sandefjord engaged in unlawful treatment of cancer . Abroad, he is convicted of mishandling a number of times, but for the moment that is freely engage in Vestfold.

- What do you think about Hamer now treat people from a house in Oslo?

- It's absolutely crazy. He should be locked in closed institution, "said 54-year-old.

- He must certainly have no refuge in Norway, "he said.

Did nothing
The family knew nothing about the Else Marie had violated the treatment program.

- She had been told not to talk about the treatment to anyone, "says Terje.

Only late in the disease, he learned that his older sister was not subject to regular cancer treatment.

- She told us that everything was fine. Then, in October, she received three violations in the back. It was cancer that had spread to the skeleton.

From there it went downhill fast.

- In the end she could not stand up, "recalls his brother.

- But Hamer advocates that in the second phase of treatment must be worse to get better - so she thought it was normal. It was grotesque, she had intense pain, but should through it, no matter what.

- At the end I think she expressed a hint of doubt. But then it was too late.

- Treated her not
Bent Madsen (64) believe they are grossly misquoted on previous occasions and is wary of letting themselves be quoted in the media. He still goes on to give a brief comment:

- I never treated Else Marit. We knew each other from before and had conversations as friends. Of course, I used my therapeutic insights during the talks, but never acted as a counselor to her, "Madsen told Dagbladet.

He claims Else Marie knew Hamer methods long before she became ill.

- I would never have advised her to drop the medicine. It was a decision she took the whole self, in consultation with their GP.

- But from your home page it looks undeniably like meta-medication based on Hamer learn?

- Hamer is in some respects a brilliant scientist, and I have great respect for his research. Other aspects, such as the alleged Jewish conspiracy, I take condemning. You can say we've taken the best from him, mixed with new impulses.

- 98 percent survive
Commenting on statements Fjeldheims Peter Hamer said:

- I do not know this person (Else Marie Fjeldheim, editor.), From September 2004 to February 2006, I sat in prison in France. If the Germanic new medicine will be attacked, one must examine it in an honest way. The Norwegian authorities and the courts prohibited, there is crime.

Hamer grunngir this way:

- The Germanic medicine, if it is practiced by a skilled practitioner, 98 percent survival rate.

"Hamer was my sister's death"

"Hamer was my sister's death"

"Hamer was my sister's death"

"Hamer was my sister's death"

"Hamer was my sister's death"

"Hamer was my sister's death"

Hamer ist schuld am Tod. Wie will der Irre sich da rausreden? Die Frau starb nicht an Hamers Antisemitismus und sie starb nicht an Hamers Absolutheitsanspruch. Nein, die Frau starb an Hamers Germanischer Neuer Medizin. Ob die durch Hamer verpackt wurde oder durch einen geldgierigen oder irren Metamediziner, das spielt keine Rolle. Die Frau ist tot, das ist es.


Und Hamer ist schuld.

Hamer gehört in die Gummizelle. Aber nicht bloß er, sondern auch die Betrüger, die mit seinen Irrsinn Geld machen.

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Kinderklinik Gelsenkirchen verstößt gegen die Leitlinien

Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
Hamer-Anhänger in der Kinderklinik


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Behörde greift ein: Hamer wird demnächst ausgewiesen
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2010, 08:03:21 AM »

Die Arbeit der Kollegen vom Bayerischen Rundfunk
und vom Dagblad in Norwegen war erfolgreich:

Die norwegischen Behörden untersuchen die Todesfälle
und werden nach Lage der Dinge Hamer in Kürze ausweisen.

MANAGER CANCER PATIENTS WITHOUT A LICENSE: Ryke Geerd Hamer (75) engaged in unlawful treatment of cancer patients from their home in Sandefjord. Photo. Øistein NORUM Mons / Dagbladet
Health critic fake cancer doctor to the police

Ryke Geerd Hamer (75) treats cancer patients illegally in Stockholm.

Ralf Lofstad

• Previous articles in the series:
- Illegal cancer treatment must be turned down on
- "Hamer was my sister's death"
- Fake doctor treats cancer patients in Norway

(Dagbladet): Board of Health reviewed today ekslegen Ryke Geerd Hamer (75) to the police. It confirms the audit to the newspaper.

- On oppmodning from Vestfold County Physician, and after a review by us, we have decided to request politiietterforskning of Hamer. I'll send the review to Vestfold Police District during the workday, according to Gorm the Old Are Tvedt, Department of Health.

He encourages the public to provide tips if they know of cases where Hamer has treated cancer patients.

- We are ready to take the investigation very quickly, said Ole Bjorn Sakrisvold, Deputy Chief of Vestfold Police District, told Dagbladet yesterday.

Revealed by the media
Dagbladet has this week revealed that the license and resolve kvakksalveridømte German physician engaged in unlawful cancer treatment from her home in Oslo.

He has been active in Norway since he moved here from Spain three years ago, and authorities have been aware that the highly controversial ekslegen located here . Yet only now, after the German TV and newspaper Dagbladet has reviewed the matter, that it falls on the prosecution's table.

Svein Lie chief county of Vestfold sporenstreks sent a letter to the Board of Health after TV reporters from the program "Report Munich" informed him that a twelve year old girl had fled from cancer treatment in Germany for treatment of Hamer in Norway. It is the direct line to today's review.

Erik Bryn Tvedt, lawyers for the German twelve year old and her mother, has confirmed to the newspaper Dagbladet that the two went to Hamer in Sandefjord. They should be in Norway for four weeks, but apparently chose to cancel your stay after the visit from German television.

Several times convicted
Hamer was deprived of medical license in 1986 and several times convicted for wrong treatment abroad, because patients have died after he has taken them by chemotherapy and radiation therapy and pain relievers.

He is currently under investigation by the public prosecutor in Munich after Susanne Rehklau (12) died in pain last New Year's Eve. She had cancer of the abdomen and had, according to doctors 70 percent chance of survival. Hamer diagnosed her as healthy and not in need of treatment, without ever hitting the patient.

In Norway, claims several relatives that their loved ones died after being advised school medical cancer treatment. It should have occurred during contact with the Bergen-based movement Meta-Medicine, which largely advocate and practice Hamer treatment.

- Hamer was my sister's death. I mean honestly, "said Terje Fjeldheim (54) to Dagbladet . Big sister Else Marit died just over a year after she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer was discovered at an early stage, but Else Marie refused to operate. In the diary she wrote that it was because she was convinced that Hamer's methods were superior.

Meta-Medicine, one of their leaders, Bent Madsen (64), has refused to Dagbladet that the movement encourages patients to join with the school medical treatment

Jetzt sind die Metamediziner fällig.

Nach den Berichten über die Medizinbetrüger haben sich Hinterbliebene der Opfer gemeldet. Die Polizei ermittelt.

Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

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Polizei verhört Hamer zu Todesfällen
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2010, 01:56:25 PM »

Sandefjord Blad Home / News / Police will investigate ekslege
The police will investigate ekslege

Ryke Geerd Hamer (75) runs its controversial practice from his residence in SANDEFJORD*.

The controversial German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer is reviewed by the Board of Health.

Paal Even Nygaard

A 12-year-old German girl died after Ryke Geerd Hamer (75) declared her healthy parents and had to cancel school medical treatment for her cancer.

This is one of the reasons that the National Board of Health Thursday, according to Dagbladet, the doctor decided to report to the police.

The review comes after a worrying letter from the chief county Svein Lie in Vestfold.

ALSO READ: investigated by German police.

Ryke Geerd Hamer, who moved to Norway in 2007, lives in Oslo. In 2008 he went to court to get a license as a physician in Norway. He did not win out in court. Previously, he was sentenced to prison terms in Germany and France for their business. He was also investigated after several deaths in Spain.

ALSO READ: Ekslege been reported.

- I do not know of the review, and Hamer has not been contacted by police. But he will be happy to explain, "said his lawyer, Erik Bryn Tvedt to Sandefjord Blad.


Controversial doctor will start university.

Spoke warmly of the "new medicine".

Fighting for the right to be a doctor.

Photo circus in court.

Posted on Thursday, 07 October 2010, at. 19:19.
Last updated Thursday, 07 October 2010, at. 19:28.

Read Sandefjord Blad ePaper or order the printed newspaper .



* Goggle ist zu dämlich. Der Ort heißt SANDEFJORD und ist in Norwegen. Stockholm ist in Schweden. Man kann ja froh sein, daß Google nicht Shanghai schreibt. Das fängt doch auch mit einem "S" an.
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Kinderklinik Gelsenkirchen verstößt gegen die Leitlinien

Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
Hamer-Anhänger in der Kinderklinik


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Ryke Geerd Hamer, der Abzocker: 5000 Euro pro Monat!
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2010, 10:46:06 PM »

Aus den Foren der Hamer-Irren ist seit Jahren bekannt, daß Hamer im Durchschnitt von einem Anhänger pro Besuch 200 Euro bekommt.
Die Einkommenstabelle in Norwegen gibt für Hamer rund 5000 Euro pro Monat an. Wobei das nur die von Hamer offiziell zugegebenen Zahlen sind.

Inoffziell dürfte es also wesentlich mehr sein.

Die Einkommenstabelle in Norwegen:

... und die Kranken sterben wegen Hamer wie die Fliegen.

Kinderklinik Gelsenkirchen verstößt gegen die Leitlinien

Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
Hamer-Anhänger in der Kinderklinik
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