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Author Topic: Meine Einladung nach Jerusalem und der dazugehörende Artikel im BMJ  (Read 2812 times)


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Ich bekam eine Einladung nach Jerusalem. Das war noch im Juni 2010:

Subject: International Medic Convention
From:     The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine <>
Date:     Thu, June 17, 2010 10:19

Announcement to physicians and therapists

An International Conference on Integrative Medicine will be held in
October 2010 in Jerusalem.
It will be a meeting of professionals in the field of medicine from
around the world that will deal with ways to unite the scientific
principles of modern medicine with the holistic principles of
alternative medicine.

In order to give all those interested the possibility to participate (or
to give a paper)
we hereby announce that registration has started.
The scientific committee of the convention is still open to accept
additional topics to the conference program.

More details and registration forms are available in the Conference

Our site is available in the following languages:
English* German* Spanish* Russian* French

Always at your service,
Avraham Fried,
The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine

Vorzutragen ist was feines, man  gönnt sich ja sonst nichts. Außer den illustren Herrschaften, die auch noch da waren, glänzte ich mit fröhlichem Grinsen über alle Backen.

Eins hat die Sache doch ein bißchen getrübt: Die Emails wurden wild in die Gegend geschossen. Es war Spam. Seufz...

Subject:     convention
From:     "Jerusalem Convention" <>
Date:     Thu, July 22, 2010 15:58

shalom & a personal welcome to our professional fellow
practitioner of acupuncture & traditional chinese medicine.
We are pleased and proud to invite you to take part in our special International
Convention on Integrative and
complementary  Medicine .
Take this opportunity to join us in a unique and unforgatable international
conference in Jerusalem.
For details enter our site:
looking forwards to seeing you
moshe olshevsky ,
lic.Ac ,o.m.d . m.s.c
israeli association of tcm

Subject:     Special medicine conference
From:     "International Convention" <>
Date:     Wed, September 1, 2010 22:42

ICCHP – Israeli Chamber of Complementary Health Professions
Invites you to:
"The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine"
Jerusalem, October 2010

Dear colleagues,
We, the professional associations of complementary health professions in Israel, 
invite you to this special meeting, aimed to enrich each other with the cumulative
knowledge from all of our clinics, researches, and philosophical diversity.

The conference hosts workshops and lecturers of leading professionals from
many countries which come to share knowledge and create a modern, advanced
dialogue between the various worlds of medicine.
We look forward to meeting you in the conference, get to know each other on
a personal level, strengthen ties between our associations in the various countries
and promote the burning issues common to us all: - the integration of alternative
medicine in medical institutions, regulation of complementary professions in
different countries, developing the training, and enriching mutual knowledge
accumulated in these areas .
The main professional issues in the conference will be the following:
Oncology  *  Medicinal plants  *   chronic pain  *    Preventive medicine and
supportive medicine   *  Integrative models in divisions of the medical
*   Laughter and humor    *   infertility    *   Pediatrics   *   Homeopathy   
*   Professional ethics    *   Special lectures  *    surveys and workshops
For additional information please visit our website at:
Ophir Sela,
Chairman of the ICCHP 
Israel Reflexology Association
Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy (IACH)
The Israeli Feldenkrais Guild
Israeli massage and bodywork association
IPEC Therapist Association
Practitioners Association of Structural Integration - Rolfing Israel
Israeli Association for Lousky Method Therapists
I.R.U - Israel Reiki Unity
Elbaum Therapists Association Israel

Subject:     last call
From:     "jerusalem" <>
Date:     Mon, September 13, 2010 05:56

This mail is intended for therapists, nurses, and medical doctors
The International Conference on Integrative Medicine will take place in Jerusalem
on October 20-21.
The conference program and registration details can be found on the internet
site in the following languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Russian

Yours Sincerely

Avraham Fried
The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine

Please Unsubscribe /remove me from the mailing list

Einer meiner Kollegen veröffentlicht nun im British Medical Journal (BMJ) seinen Beitrag zu dieser Konferenz.

Zuvor ein Bild zur Erläuterung:

Dies ist der Abstract:


Intensive study of the development of early human embryos indicates that there is a reflexology style homunculus represented in the human body, over the area of the buttocks. This homunculus corresponds to areas of clonal expansion (“Blaschko lines*”), in which compartments of the body have clear ontological relationships with corresponding areas of the posterior flanks. The homunculus is inverted, such that the head is represented in the inferior position, the left buttock corresponds to the right hand side of the body, and the lateral aspect is represented medially. The Blaschko lines mediate energy flows to parent areas, and lead to significant responses to appropriate stimuli. As with reflexology, the “map” responds to needling, as in acupuncture, and to gentle suction, such as cupping. Responses are stronger and of more therapeutic value than those of auricular or conventional reflexology. In some cases, the map can be used for diagnostic purposes. In both therapeutic and diagnostic interventions, a full case history must be taken, in order to define the best methods of treatment. In the presentation, anonymised case histories, “testimonies” and positive outcomes will be presented. The methodology does not lend itself to randomised double blind controlled trials, for obvious reasons.

Obviously, the involvement of a sensitive area of the body poses special challenges. Ethical practice is of significant concern. Informed consent must be obtained from all patients in writing, before either therapeutic or diagnostic procedures are commenced. Although exposure of the gluteal region is recommended, procedures can be carried out using draping if this is required in order to gain patient cooperation. Chaperones or same sex practitioners are recommended in the case of female patients.

Unfortunately, this novel paradigm may meet with closed minds and automatic rejection. Patience and understanding of “closed” mindsets is essential in order to advance this new discovery in a way commensurate with its importance.

*See for example

Jim Whitehead hat mich auf den Artikel aufmerksam gemacht. Er schreibt:

This link is a must read:

I propose that the author (John McLachlan) should be given a ... award!


Dem kann ich mich nur anschließen. Aus vollstem Herzen sage ich :

Thank you very much, John McLachlan,

What a nice Christmas present!

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Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
Hamer-Anhänger in der Kinderklinik
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