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Author Topic: Meryl Dorey confesses she is a criminal. Stop Australian Vaccination Network!  (Read 5872 times)


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Australian Vaccination Network
20 hours ago ·

Regarding the case in Brisbane of the family who was ordered to give their newborn Hep B vaccination, there are a few things I would like to point out that are very important - especially if you or someone you know is in the same situation:

    1- Hep B tests are notoriously inaccurate. Get a second test and if it shows a very different result - ask for a third and keep asking.

    2- There are different sorts of Hep B positive tests. Find out which area yours falls into - chronic carrier, simple antibodies, etc.

    2- Chinese herbal medicine has cleared all signs of Hep B infection from the system of people I know personally. Speak with a competent Chinese herbalist and ask them what they can do to help you.

    3- State policy in EVERY Australian State and Territory is that if a parent is Hep B positive, they are to be offered Hep B vaccine and Hep B immunoglobulin (a pooled blood product made from the blood of thousands or tens of thousands of people who have Hep B antibodies) and have the benefits and risks explained to them. These treatments are OFFERED not REQUIRED by any state. But all it takes is ONE DOCTOR who feels that his opinion is more important than yours and you will be in trouble. As you see in this case, a doctor reported to DOCs who then got a court order and a judge who knows nothing but was advised by the medical community, made a decision they felt was in the best interests of the child - basically making the child a ward of the state so the parents had no say. This can happen to anyone at any time. If you KNOW that you or your partner are Hep B positive, choose your doctor and hospital well or consider a home birth to avoid this situation altogether.

    4- If you find yourself in this situation and you are trapped in the hospital, contact the AVN and we will do what we can for you. We have hidden parents before and we will do so again if necessary. We have also worked with at least one hospital in Sydney to rewrite their policy after they tried to do this to a young mum. Now, they have it in writing that they will not and cannot force anyone to agree to have the vaccination if that is not their wish. If we don't stand up for each other, who will be there to stand up for us when we need them?
        Marianne Schofield, Amanda Daams, Olivia Power and 60 others like this.
            Katrina Sunia Inaccurate? So does that mean the professionals conducting the tests lack the skills they proclaim competency in? My gosh how scary. Im confident My Science Teachers will be able to do a better job.
            20 hours ago
            Lynn Nerdal Meanwhile, children are being abused and neglected in the community and these same doctors and DOCs do nothing!!!
            20 hours ago · 9
            Emma Sheargold Good Morning Meryl, do you have an email address where I can contact you about a private matter please?
            20 hours ago
            Australian Vaccination Network
            ‎Katrina Sunia - the tests for almost all viral diseases can and do come up with false positives - some more often then others. Even bacterial tests can do so. For instance, the new 'quick' test for whooping cough has an incredibly high fal...See more
            20 hours ago · 4
            Lynn Nerdal typical Meryl!!!
            20 hours ago
            Lynn Nerdal that explains the Australian "epidemic" every January, just before school goes back...
            20 hours ago
            Australian Vaccination Network
            ‎Lynn Nerdal - DOCs has time and time again gone after the 'easy' target - the single parent, the ones without money or support - whilst ignoring those who really need to have their children taken away from them. It is a scandal and if we k...See more
          20 hours ago · 6
            Australian Vaccination Network ‎Emma Sheargold - or 02 6687 1699.

            20 hours ago
            Lynn Nerdal
            oh yes my friend, our health system has many real problems that they choose not to address, and instead target innocent consumers who tend not to run and hide as quickly as the bureaucracy!! Stories like that of Therese Mackay (whose late h...See more
            19 hours ago · 4
            Dee-Anne Hoving
            thanks Meryl, we appreciate the tireless work you do to bring freedom to us...your wisdom & passion for the truth help us to stand up for our rights. God Bless you with favour to see a change in the policies of so called experts...You are a...See more
            19 hours ago · 5
            Australian Vaccination Network
            Hi Lynn Nerdal - thanks for mentioning Therese's book. It is a must read for anyone living in Australia - especially if they or one of their relatives is or is going to be in the hospital system at any time. Here it is in our web shop - htt...See more
            18 hours ago · 2
            Jeni Cavanagh Absolutely shocking, taking away parents rights
            18 hours ago · 1
            Australian Vaccination Network ‎Dee-Anne Hoving - that is so lovely of you to say but honestly, I am so inspired by the people I get to speak with and correspond with every day! I am the one who has so much to be thankful for - it is a privilege to be able to do the work I do - though it doesn't always feel like it at the time LOL
            18 hours ago · 6
            Michael Lowerson
            Dear MD, if by quick test for pertussis you are referring to PCR/NAT to test for DNA sequences of the organism, then this is only useful for diagnosis of the disease in a particular window of time after infection and then will be negative e...See more
            18 hours ago via Mobile · 1
            Traudy Gerhard Always wonderful info from you Meryl, thanks!!
            17 hours ago via Mobile · 1
            Ruth Sami
            17 hours ago · 2
            Australian Vaccination Network Wow - Ruth Sami - I haven't seen this report before. I think every parent needs to view this! I have to wonder if the judge in the case discussed above would have made a different decision had they seen this report first?
            17 hours ago
            Katrina Sunia
            Sincerely thanking you AVN for your indepth elaboration on the inaccuracy of the whooping cough diagnosis and thank you for your reference regarding "The epidemic that never was" I will be sure to research it at a later date. First of all...See more
            16 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia
            These are peoples lives we are dealing with and not a preliminary test to decide what to have for dinner. The technology utilised in the research of determining whether there is protein present on the (pertussis bacterium) should be advance...See more
            15 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia Doctor if I ask a question, could Koch's Postulates be utilised on virals? or only bacterial? And I have often pondered whether a Vaccine could be developed to prevent the healthy living cells from both viral and pathogenic? Inquisitiveness prevailed and lead me to wonder wether Nano Technology would the area of Medicine Research best equipped to render a more favourable conclution.
            15 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia Nano Medicine would have great benefits for chronic illnesses such as cancer for the reason that chemotherapy will be non existent and much more beneficial the fact that no healthy cells will be annihilated during treatment.
            15 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia Julie are you on the correct site? I believe the Australian Vaccination Network is not a site for prostitutes Lol... Oh you were refering to a prostitute lol I thought you were one. Sorry lol. I'd advise you to call DoCs for your concerns however they get it wrong as well.
            15 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia Just shedding clarity on previous comment my question regarding vaccines and whooping cough and a cure for cancer? My suggestion for Nano Medicine for cancer would be a cure however a lot more efficient because no healthy cells will die.
            11 hours ago via Mobile
            Lee Keegan Huh?
            9 hours ago
            Katrina Sunia
            Lol sorry Im accessing Fb from an old phone hence words missing from sentences. I refer to avn's initial reply to my 1st comment on the thread. Avn elaborated on what Scientists look for on the pertussis bacterium. Avn's analogy of the per...See more
            8 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia
            For goodness sake the word Medine literally mean Treatment and Healing. People who aspire to work in the Medical Field should choose the area they are most comfortable with, that way it reduces the chances of misdiagnosis hence the wrong tr...See more
            6 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) that chronologically form the AA or the Amino Acids that are building blocks of Protein.
            6 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia If you dont know what you are looking for then its easy to arrive at the wrong conclusion and when the wrong conclusion is at this level of Medicine? The consequences will reflect the error.
            6 hours ago via Mobile
            Katrina Sunia The same principles apply to all areas of Medical Science
            6 hours ago via Mobile

MD is Meryl Dorey. She confesses: "We have hidden parents before and we will do so again"  She and her gang hid people with infective diseases so that they could infect their own children and other children, who were not vaccinated.

Stop Meryl Dorey and her gang!

Prevent children being killed by a gang of unscrupulous criminals,

Responsible for more than 83 dead: Taylor Winterstein, Edwin Tamasese


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The vile fraud Meryl Dorey is down. AVN MUST change its name!

Administrative Decisions Tribunal
New South Wales
Medium Neutral Citation:
Australian Vaccination Network Inc v Department of Finance & Services [2013] NSWADT 266

Hearing Dates:
13 & 14 June 2013
Decision Date:

General Division
Magistrate N Hennessy, Deputy President

The decision of the Director General, Department of Finance and Services to direct Australian Vaccination Network Inc to adopt a new name is affirmed.

The full text:

Responsible for more than 83 dead: Taylor Winterstein, Edwin Tamasese


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Sine caffinum, nihilus sum

← The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia: the compulsion of anti-vaccinationism
Queensland anti-vaccine science teacher to teach students about immunisation? →
Meryl Dorey rallies the troops against Steve Hambleton: they deliver the goods
Posted on April 13, 2013   by reasonablehank

This quick post will mostly consist of screenshots. As is my want, I like to present anti-vaccinationists in the wild; just so the community can see what lurks behind their ethically challenged claims and beliefs. I keep getting told that most vaccine refusers are well-educated. I have to take this as the truth. Who am I to question social researchers? Personally, I’m yet to see any evidence of this claim.

Anti-vaccination campaigners are severely butthurt this week. Immunisation has been in the news, due to concerns about vaccine refusal. The anti-vaccinationists have been rightfully portrayed as society’s underwear’s skidmarks which we know them to be. Just today we have seen some of their threatening behaviour published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Amy Corderoy writes:

    NSW opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald had to call the police after a scathing speech he gave in State Parliament criticising the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), a group which, despite its name, is anti-vaccination.

    ”May you and yours rot in hell along with the Big Pharma pricks you support,” one email said. ”May you choke on your own bullshit and die.”


    Debbie says she was just trying to be a good mother when she began researching immunisation online.

    One of the first sites she found belonged to the AVN. ”It all looked legitimate, I thought ‘whoa, vaccines cause autism’, so I didn’t vaccinate my baby,” she says.

    But when she saw the tragic story of the death of Dana McCaffery, who in 2009 died at one month from whooping cough, she began asking questions.

    “I just felt I had been scammed,” she says. “You can kill your children if they don’t get vaccinated.”

    Now she argues on social media with anti-vaccination proponents and is too scared to reveal her identity because of the backlash she has received.

    “I hate to even say it out loud, but they say things to me like ‘die you f—ing c–t, die’,” she says. “My children have had the same things said to them.”

On Thursday, Australian Medical Association President Steve Hambleton appeared in the SMH. He is urging a crackdown on anti-vaccination organisations, which is nice. He is also calling for a tightening of immunisation uptake, tied to school eligibility. On the same day, Meryl Dorey called out to her followers, to respond. And, respond they did: they responded with depictions of their own ignorance of immunisation, a stream of insults, and even a threat to shoot DoCS workers (I’m serious). What follows is sort of a Best of…

AVN Steve Hambleton thread

AVN SH thread wanker idiot tosser dribble

AVN SH thread shoot docs workers tool

AVN SH thread bullshit Nazi Germany corporate knob

AVN SH thread wanker communist country

AVN SH thread asshole one world government

AVN SH thread jab that man

AVN: covering themselves in glory.


Chiropractors' Association of Australia provided anti-vaccine professional training by Meryl Dorey
In "anti-vaccination dishonesty"

The Chiropractors' Association of Australia: the compulsion of anti-vaccinationism
In "anti-vaccination dishonesty"

Self-glorification and exploiting the misinformed
In "abuse"
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I'm reasonable, mostly.
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← The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia: the compulsion of anti-vaccinationism
Queensland anti-vaccine science teacher to teach students about immunisation? →
11 Responses to Meryl Dorey rallies the troops against Steve Hambleton: they deliver the goods

    Scott Hansen says:   
    April 13, 2013 at 19:31   

    All I saw was ‘Herp derp… herp… derp.’. The bits in before and after the screenshots weren’t too shabby, which is nice. (I picked up the Fast Show reference).
        reasonablehank says:   
        April 13, 2013 at 20:55   

        Heh. Well spotted, sir.
    Linda J Hilton says:   
    April 13, 2013 at 20:32   

    Look at the things that scuttle about in the harsh light of day when you turn rocks over….
    Dan Buzzard says:   
    April 13, 2013 at 20:34   

    Melissa Sheere has the right idea. I think yellow arm bands for anti-vaxxers would be a good thing. If you see a crowd of people with yellow arm bands, you know to keep your children away from them.
    Caroline Shipley says:   
    April 13, 2013 at 20:39   

    Have DoCS been informed of the death threats against their workers by Janis Ferguson? The internet is forever, and the proof is right here….
    Trevor Lowe says:   
    April 13, 2013 at 23:36   

    It is sad when someone puts up an internet meme and thinks they have supplied a reference.
    @advodiaboli says:   
    April 14, 2013 at 06:19   

    Mass vaccination did away the need to enact powers of large scale quarantine (sorry that’d be gulags I guess). These rants really underscore the success of vaccines.
    Addryanne Adamsyn says:   
    April 14, 2013 at 15:06   

    There is a lot of evidence in their responses that their children would get no benefit from home schooling. These kids will need to learn how to thrive in spite of their parents.
    Mark says:   
    April 15, 2013 at 18:39   

    Unbelievable that this AVN rubbish should be imported to Australia !
    Keep up the good work .
    Doron says:   
    April 23, 2013 at 20:38   

    You are doing a great job. Note the irony that this collective of freaks are the worst kind of aggressive self-righteous thugs but ironically see those protecting their children as the bullies. The AVN and Bressington deserve each other.
    Mike says:   
    April 23, 2013 at 21:16   

    They (the AVN cheer squad) keep telling us they’re educated. Their comments mostly suggest the exact opposite. The possibility that many of them even reached the lofty heights of Year 9 or 10 seems unlikely to me, and if so, they obviously didn’t pay much attention in class.

    Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network
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    @reasonable_hank’s tweets
        Meryl Dorey rallies the troops against Steve Hambleton: they deliver the goods Doreyan "morality" #StopAVN #health 0 minutes ago
        The AVN declares that its critics "are without morals and without a conscience" Meryl Dorey's "morality" #StopAVN 4 minutes ago
        "Supposedly" now a word laced with malice & pain due to Meryl Dorey and her cult. She talks of "morality" #StopAVN 7 minutes ago
        Meryl Dorey now states that contacting grieving families is appropriate all the "morality" from Dorey #StopAVN 12 minutes ago
        AVN back to censoring critics with fraudulent copyright claims the "morality" citing Meryl Dorey #StopAVN #perjury 14 minutes ago

Responsible for more than 83 dead: Taylor Winterstein, Edwin Tamasese


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Go on, Queensland, go on!

Queensland Government
Queensland Health

Queensland Health's response to anti-vaccination discussions
Wednesday 7 January 2015

Timely vaccinations can prevent serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases

by Dr Sonya Bennett

Queensland Health is not  involved in any capacity with the ‘Healthy Lifestyles Naturally’ seminars soon to be conducted in Queensland and does not in any way support anti-vaccination sentiments.

It is ironic that the seminars are called ‘Healthy Lifestyles Naturally’ as anti-vaccination discussions threaten the health of the community.

Vaccine preventable diseases such as whooping cough, measles, meningococcal disease and rotavirus are serious and sometimes life-threatening infections. Homeopathic products do not provide protection against these diseases.

We seek to minimise misinformation preventing a person from making an informed  decision about immunisation.

In the interests of a healthy community, Queensland Health is conducting a  campaign to debunk these common myths about immunisation and remind people of the value and importance of vaccination.

Modern vaccination programs have been established after rigorous scientific studies to ensure the best possible health outcomes for individuals and the population as a whole.

Many anti-vaccination claims are based on poorly conducted studies that have been discredited or disproven, such as claims that vaccinations cause SIDS or autism. These claims are entirely baseless.

Governments and numerous expert bodies worldwide support immunisation because it prevents serious and life-threatening infectious diseases.

Questions on this topic are best directed to the experts, such as an immunisation provider or your family doctor, with whom you would discuss other health questions.

The fact is that if vaccination stopped, vaccine preventable diseases would inevitably return causing devastation for many families.

There is a range of information available online at

Concerns about the seminars should be directed to the event organiser.

Last updated: 7 January 2015

© The State of Queensland (Queensland Health) 1996-2014

Queensland Government

Responsible for more than 83 dead: Taylor Winterstein, Edwin Tamasese


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